13 May, 2009

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

A couple of years ago bff Kimba met Nancy Clark, the owner of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, while in neighboring chairs during a pedicure in Charlotte, NC. Her discovery of Old Chatham's delicious sheep's milk yogurt and cheeses was quickly relayed to me, natch.

Kimba is to food and wine what I am to prep, so if she tells me something is yummy or sophisticated in the arena of gastronomy I treat it like gospel (she also gets credit for my love of Vueve Cliquot and taught me how to order a Bombay Sapphire on the rocks).

I am now addicted to Old Chatham's maple sheep's milk yogurt (Kimba prefers the Ginger) and became so desperate last summer when I couldn't find it at the beach that I started having it shipped by the case. That is, I did until Babe got wind of my little luxury and put his moccasined foot down. My mother then started smuggling it in from Wegmans in Baltimore for me. Besides being scrumptious, and non upsetting to my lactose intolerant constitution, it's also double the protein and lower in sugar than cow's milk yogurt and it's gluten free. So, well worth the hassle (and the wrath of Babe and, eventually my dad).

Now, my Old Chatham habit has expanded to include their award winning Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert which is c'est magnifique! This year's Christmas gift to my parents was a Simon Pearce cheeseboard and a selection of artisanal cheeses including Nancy's Camembert. My dad ended up smuggling the Camembert, in his suitcase, to their home in Mexico. They enjoyed it so much that I was asked to bring some more to Easter dinner. But, if you'd prefer to be très boring and bypass the whole covert, smuggling and luxury shipping operations just pick up their yogurts and cheeses at your local Whole Foods. Bon appétit!

PS...I am not a fan of their plain yogurt but, the ladies of Old Chatham confided in me that the maple flavor is just the plain with about a teaspoon of maple syrup mixed in. So, if your left with only the plain, maybe you could try doctoring with a little honey. Also, for you G'towners, unfortunately the Glover Park Whole Foods only carries the plain (boo hoo...) but you can find the yummy flavors at Dean and Deluca.

Kindness of Kimba...does this make amends for "outing" you in the closet piece?


  1. Hey, who moved my cheese? Cheese, smile for me!
    I love this old chatham, I swear - one day, I am going to visit that spot. I love that label and everything they make is hmmmm.

  2. Sounds delicious. Next time I'm in Whole Foods, I'll get some.

  3. Can I get this in DC, or do I need to have my mom smuggle it from the Hunt Valley wegmans too? it looks amazing!

  4. Ohhh, I love Hunt Valley. My uncle who is featured in tomorrow's posting lived in the Hampton neighborhood on Seminary for years. Miss Sally from Romper Room was his neighbor!
    Smuggling def the most rewarding, but Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods here carry it. Haven't checked Trader Joe's yet. XXOO

  5. I suppose...it almost makes up for my shocking inclusion in the "most offensive closet category"!
    Your readers should know that although hard to find in retail outlets, it is always available via their website. When ordered en masse the shipping isn't soo bad.

  6. I just despised Miss Sally when I was 5 - and when I found out she lived in Baltimore (where I grew up), I was furious!

  7. Is it because she never saw you thru her looking glass???

  8. I don't recall being distressed about that - I think I thought she was fake - although I was distressed that I was never selected to be one of Bob Turk's Sunshine Kids - but that didn't affect my impression of Bob Turk!