28 May, 2009

As Promised

It's so hard to believe our little Hilbils has gone from this...

...to this, in the blink of an eye.

As I mentioned earlier, this past weekend was centered around HRH's graduation festivities and the celebration kicked off with an informal crab feast at my sister's beach house.

Babe, who was away on business, remarked that Hilary looked like one of the Soprano's in her head to toe sweats when he saw these pics. I told him the sea air had been chilly and "sweats" had pretty much been de rigueur for the soiree with everyone eventually pilfering the hostesses collection of Soprano's duds.

The day of graduation involved an eleventh hour shoe switch from strapless, 3 inch Manolo Blahnik's to a pair of Aunt Mandy's Ralph Lauren sandals that strapped securely around the ankle. Emma had an unfortunate "incident" a couple of months ago, involving a pair of 4 inch Blahnik's, resulting in the loss of her front teeth so both girls, and their mother, are now, understandably, a little Blahnik shy.

Hilary's dress was by BCBG and the silk flower hair tie was a J. Crew Outlet find.

Pretending to ham it up with the school mascot, the Mallard, but really looking for any ole excuse to display her new David Yurman graduation present. Puhleeze...who do you think you inherited those bag of tricks from Paris?

Along with receiving the largest academic scholarship in her graduating class, Hilary was also recognized for being a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, the Art National Honor Society and has been on the Headmaster's academic list every term since 6th grade. That bag of tricks she did not inherit from moi.

Congratulations Hilbils and the entire WPS class of 2009. Best of luck in South Carolina! And, please, leave the Blahnik's at home and return with all your teeth intact...


  1. Ho wonderful! Congrats to Hilary on all her awards.
    I love to see young people going forth with such good things. Accolades to you for being such a supporting
    soul & style role model in her life. No pun intended.
    Does she needlepoint?

  2. LFG will not grow up. LFG will not grow up. Please tell me.

  3. No, Particia she doesn't. Lacrosse has been her needlepoint. She does however, read all my books as I finish them. XXOO

  4. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    How proud your family must be of all your niece's accomplishments. I must say, I would never have guessed her dress was a BCBG, they tend towards designs a little on the risque side, if you know what I mean. She looked lovely and it seems a good time was had by all. Tell her to keep up the good work and not to have too much fun her freshman year of college. Thanks for sharing, Denise

    P.s. would love to know what your favorite handbag designers are, I am trying to get ideas for a great summer bag. That chic/goes with every color/looks great on every body type/impossible to find handbag.

  5. Congrats to Hillary! Is she going to College of Charleston? That is my alma mater and it is such a wonderful place to spend four years!

  6. Shocking, but I honestly do not have a handbag addiction. I usually get a new Longchamp every season, have a few Tory Burch's, Lauren Merkins's, Jane Fox, CKB, ect...pretty affordable trinkets. But, I when I do go for broke it will be at Gucci.
    Although Paris did get accepted at CofC that is not where she chose. It would have been a fab place for an Auntie to visit tho!

  7. Yay for her! Prep school graduation was one of my favorite days.

    Her dress is beautiful. We wore black dresses, and I wish they had made us wear white. It is so much more feminine.

  8. Lovely pictures! Your niece is beautiful.
    I'm the aunt to a very handsome, very funny, bright & well mannered loves his video games & sports more than his aunt now 11 year old nephew. I still try & see baby folds of chub in his arm creases that don't exist anymore just to try and see some form of "baby" in him. I know silly silly me.

  9. Congrats to your niece! I have two lovely nieces and I just love to see them succeed and do well!

    Lovely post - looks like you had an amazing weekend!!!

  10. What a beauty HRH (Her Royal Highness) is. Those future boys in her life are in for certain heartbreak!

  11. She is brilliant and gorgeous!! How proud you are!! And days that are the Most Fun are yet to come!!

  12. Is she coming to SC for college? My daughter is a rising sophomore at Clemson...my son graduated last year from Furman.