03 April, 2009

Stalking the Pink Reva

You know how you can vaguely admire something in a boutique or in a picture but, then when you actually see it in person, on someone else, you MUST have it immediately? Well that's my story of the Reva in hibiscus. I had a casual flirtation going with said pink Tory Burch flat online until, last fall, when it literally walked into where I was lunching. I stealthily snatched up my Blackberry and whisked off a picture text to Emma for immediate approval.

The lusting had begun but, it was a slooow burn. I still had time, it would definitely be my next Reva purchase, but it could wait. Until...last nights sighting in Whole Foods....It was all I could do to slow my breathing by the time I met Babe in the checkout so as to not set off any of his internal warning bells alerting him of an immediate, impending purchase.

This shortlist is becoming quite long.

Kindness of 2 random preppy fashionistas...


  1. I love mine! You can wear them with so much! Perfect addition for spring!

  2. i love you so much!!!

    xoxoxo ~ meggie