19 April, 2009


One of my many obsessive compulsive rituals is switching my Kiehl's Bath and Body Liquid Shower scents with the change of seasons. During the fall and winter I prefer Coriander (Tory Burch's personal fav) and for the spring and summer I'm just mad (still have Little Edie on the brain) for Cucumber. One drawback is that they have stopped making this scent in the 16.9 oz bottle. But, if you whine just a little they'll usually sell you 2 of the smaller bottles for the price of the large.

And, if you live in the DC area be sure to return your Kiehl's empties to the Georgetown store and be rewarded for your green efforts with free products.

A glimpse of Carrie's shower curtain from the SATC movie that is still available at Bed Bath and Beyond.


  1. Just found your blog through Bonanno blog!! It is darling! Am certainly going to enjoy reading it!!

  2. Did you get the clear or the frosted...I'm definitely copying...do you need a liner with it??

  3. I got the clear, don't recall it coming in frosted, and yes, I also did a clear liner. I love it so much i'm on my 3rd one.