27 April, 2009


Upon the recommendation of Mel I recently replaced my desktop with a Sony Vaio laptop which, so far, I love. This new purchase freed up some much needed space on my little Parsons desk to design a writing area or escritoire (which sounds très more chic).

Elle Decor's "Tory Burch and 12 Things she can't live without" culled from the archives for inspiration.

Included on her list was Plexi-Craft desk accessories.

This ringing endorsement from Tory combined with my love of all things Lucite led to my inaugural Plexi-Craft purchase.

Perfect for holding my prep reference library and all important tear outs with one little eensie slot devoted to bills. Bills even ruin aesthetics.

A rescue orchid from the Whole Foods "Charlie Brown Christmas tree" giveaway pile and my Iomoi coaster complete my little desk scape.

All that's missing from this vignette is the Pilge, full Penthouse in a patch of sunlight, at the foot of the chair.


  1. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Tres chic! Great use of a small corner. I love the verticality of the piece of art over your petite desk and the skirted chair cushion. Has me rethinking my very traditional slant top desk. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  2. Fantastic painting and blog. A perfect place for Spring inspiration.

  3. very pretty! I have that same book that was a gift 'the rich are different' - very cute quotes in it!

  4. Love this post, especially the Plexi-Craft mentions. We are big fans and have several pieces, all of them outstanding.

    With hopes that your week is splendid,

  5. it does look great.. nice and neat.

  6. Oh la la how hip!? I am loving the set-up. Xoxo-BLC

  7. I have a Sony Vaio laptop and I LOVE it!!!

  8. nice job.... love the lucite. my bedroom desk space could use a touch up.