28 April, 2009

Dirty Little Obsession

I have asked Babe for an Hermes beach towel for the past four birthdays and have yet to receive nary a one.

He is petrified of ending up on American Greed one day as "the former CEO whose wife collected $500 beach towels".

I even had a friend stop sitting next to me on the beach one summer after I mentioned my desire for these luxury items. Other's were too polite to tell me what was being said behind my tanned Melissa Odabash wearing back, but I could only imagine. Probably, something along the lines of the above mentioned American Greed transcript.

Pshaw...no one gives Elle Macpherson grief for collecting them!

Well, this year I'm logging in a smidgeroon early with my (above) birthday request in the hope that four months is plenty time to allow Babe to come to terms with his eventual fall from grace.


  1. I have admired them from afar. That and an Hermes bag.
    (You could always have a signature color, and then stitch some sort of ribbon on.)

  2. I sure do hope you get one! You seem to be very dedicated and determined, which is the #1 reason why this year should be your year to get one!!! Good Luck!!!

    I am very in love right now with a $500 pair of purple Roberto Cavalli sunglasses and I'm having the same trouble with my fiance! He's convinced I'll sit on them! haha

  3. I have two points to make.

    #1 - I, understand your love of anything 'Hermes'. If my husband wants to know, my Kelly bag came from Target. Got it? (that was back before economy went 'splat')

    #2 - If you can afford it you should buy it!

    I hear about these people who won't buy their luxury items because they think it's 'vulgar' in a bad economy! The people who can shop should still keep money going into the economy.

    Just think - if you purchased at least TWO of those towels - one for you and one for Babe - you could be saving someone's job.


  4. I left you something over on my page!

  5. I left you something on my page too! Darn that Paisley & Pearls - she beat me to it! ;)

  6. Tell JDR to be a man and get you that beach towel! they are beautiful!!

  7. Just found your blog via DC Prep, and I adore it!

    I also love these towels, but Mr. Newlywed is under the impression beach towels shouldn't cost more than $10.00.

    We're working on that.

  8. OMG... the monkey. Have to have it.

  9. If I ever get super rich I am getting the elephant one!