15 April, 2009

R.I.P. CK Bradley NYC Store

It will be a day of mourning for all preps when CK Bradley closes the door to their NYC flagship store this coming Monday. Whenever I travel to the city I have a standing checklist of "must do's" that rarely waivers. There's J. Sister's Salon for a world class Brazilian, Hermes to drool, Ralph Lauren for cashmere and inspiration, Pierre Deux and MacKenzie-Childs for atmosphere and whimsy, Calypso for everything, and CK Bradley for timeless, preppy cocktail dresses and totes that have become quite the bad habit.

The good news is that they are maintaining their Newport, RI store, website business, and will continue to be carried in boutiques in preppy hot spots throughout the country. But, if you're lucky enough to be in NYC right now run, don't walk, to the 146 E 74th Street address where all CKB spring merchandise is 30% off and accessories are marked down 40%. Otherwise, you can call the store at 212.988.7999 and have your loot "charge sent" while still enjoying the discount.

I'm eying up the Islamorada dress in Piccadilly Clover (Plum Sykes is big on the covered arm)...

And, either the Chelles Halter in Piccadilly Mango...

...or the same halter in Piccadilly Navy to wear with my white Earnest Sewns and white J. Crew summer weight khakis.

PS...I've heard that all the silk dresses are running small so check with
CKB about which size you should order because I'm pretty certain all sales will be final.

Kindness of Melissa C. Morris for breaking the news and moi for giving my sister Julie and niece Emma a one day head start before posting this tragic info.


  1. I think that everyone is dealing with all the economy schonomy in their own way, often shutting one door, opens another. Cute things for Summer!

  2. old post, i know, but i just stumbled across your blog. i'd just like to commiserate and say "i feel your pain." we recently lost our own little ck store in richmond, va (i say recently like this wasn't two years ago. what can i say? i'm still in mourning). the website is sooo not the same :(

  3. Well aren't you guys SWEET! We like to think the harder to find the more coveted right? So come visit Newport, and we'll wrap our CK Bradley dresses round you and send you down to the wharf for a Beachcomber and some salty air.