07 April, 2009

Preppy Easter Pails

How cute and preppy are these pails from The Macbeth Collection for the Easter Bunny to leave all his loot in?

They come in a range of sizes, depending on how much loot you are expecting and/or giving, with beaucoup prints and patterns to choose from. They can easily be personalized with a monogram, initial or an 80's old school icon. Can you say Dottie Smith belt clips???

Receive 25% off your entire order if place by April 12th. Just enter HIPHOP during checkout. See, being fabulous has it's privileges!


  1. oh allie!

    i love these easter pails! how fun and they look so much more fun than the traditional basket for the easter egg hunt!

    great find!!!


  2. Holy buckets, what sweet pails to fill with easter goodies. I have some of these and my daughter uses them for hair accessories.

  3. I love the Macbeth Collection, and even more I love your blog! Thanks for reading mine :)