21 April, 2009

Lilly Moment

It was the Phillips sisters that first introduced me to Lilly Pulitzer back in the early 80's and I've been a loyal acolyte ever since (they also get credit for my Lauren perfume habit). I was invited to Lilly's first ever warehouse sale and unabashedly take full credit for every Salisbury person that has attended one since. So, it was a full circle Lilly moment this past Saturday when I received such a warm reception from the Lilly peeps and blog readers at the Sherman Pickey trunk show.

Disclaimer...random lady photog cut off all our feet in this less than stellar picture eliminating 2 pair of Gucci loafers, several pair of swanky sandals and one sparkly pair of gold Belgian loafers that were meant to distract the eye from a certain recent weight gain...

After a cupcake induced spree Brent and Bridget from Lilly gave me a ride home in the Lilly Jeep. How much do I have to spend to get this?

Included in the take...the Cali Shift that I must admit I bought because it looked so fabulous on Lilly rep Ashley...

The Tori Dress in printed jacquard...

The much coveted, hard to find Tenley Shift in multi jacquard...

The Paltrow Patch Bikini, natch!

And, probably my surprise fav item of the day the Shields (as in Brooke) Bikini ...ohhh please let today be the day that Babe's too busy to read my blog...

Included in the "swag with purchase" were The Hip to be Square Bangles and 2 Lilly oil on canvases that will more than likely be bequeathed to a certain pair of southern college going nieces. Now let's see which one reads this posting first and calls in their dibbies the fastest.

Looks as though my lovely spokes model has better things to do...

Kindness of Ethan and Bailey at Sherman Pickey for all of their help and restaurant recommendations. Kindness of Ashley, Bridget and Brent for reading my blog and giving me fabulous bragging rights. And finally, kindness of Jenny and Wendi Phillips for giving me my love of Lilly.


  1. Oh la la!!! What fun fun fun. Xoxo-BLC

  2. That's what I call a perfect day! ;-)

  3. You got to ride in the Lilly jeep?? I am so jealous!

  4. bragger!!! looks like it deserves bragging rights!

  5. LOVE the blue dress! And just purchased the Fekkai shampoo per your recommendation.