06 April, 2009

Our Little Patient

We had a scare last week when George needed to be rushed to Friendship Hospital for Animals late one night because he was having difficulty tinkling and I spied some blood (somewhere private). Once we arrived he was immediately whisked back for triage and checked for a blocked urethra. One of my favorite things about Friendship is that their inner sanctum is glass enclosed so I could actually watch them as they worked on our little nutcracker (another pet name).

After his sonogram came the ole temp taking...

Once they were sure that there was no blockage it was back to the waiting room for 3 hours while the only vet on call tended to a serious dog fight victim. Thank goodness for Eleanor, the cute little Boston Terrier who was in for eating a bottle of super glue.

She danced like a ballerina, chased her leash and snorted all of which George found immensely entertaining. After hours of squirming in my arms he had finally relaxed and became transfixed once Eleanor began to perform. Around 2am we were finally called back into the examining room.

We were both sooo tired and scared and momentarily dozed off together when the vet rushed out to help sedate Tiger, another dog fighting victim. Then it was back home and a 24 hour wait for urine test results. After a long night that finally ended at 3am we both spent the following day convalescing.

Another predawn rush a day later back to Friendship Hospital (where we saw poor Eleanor still being treated), more testing to rule our bladder stones, and the diagnosis was a chronic lower urinary tract disease which means no more self feeding. Off to break the bad news to Templeton who is not going to be happy with the loss of his round the clock offering of dry food for snacking...

Kindness of Dr. Covert, the entire staff at Friendship Hospital for Animals and Little Pilge, for allowing me to post some very personal pics.


  1. Boy George, hope you are all better.
    I was worried about you. I love drawing you.

  2. Dear Allie,
    My cats go to Friendship too- and yes, they are fabulous! And I receognized their offices from your pix.