08 April, 2009

Girls Day in G'town

My niece Emma, who attends Furman University (yes, FU) in Greenvulle, SC is flying into DC today to spend the night and shop til she drops before heading to the beach for Easter. On the requested itinerary of eating and shopping:

Chop't is my sister Julie's one and only request for the day (famous last words...). If she was ever to end up on death row her last meal would be a salad.

J. Crew is just a given. It's the place the Frost girls look for wherever we travel. Inevitably, one of us has looked ahead online for a Crew , and if there is one, then we know the town must be okay. It's kind of our familial Le Guide Michelin.

And, since the above pitstop is right next to Dean and Deluca, Julie will insist on stopping in for a decaf. Now...she's had her beloved salad, and she's sure to be toting a Crew bag, let's get her a coffee so that Emma and I may get down to business....

Off to CUSP for Milly, Loeffler Randall, DVF and other varsity players.

Peut-être, Sherman Pickey for Lilly, Tory Burch, CKB and Calypso...

Sassanova for shoes and, new love, Lauren Merkin bags...

And, the pièce de résistance, Georgetown Cupcake where we are all sure to leave carrying a pretty pink box.


  1. What a perfect day!

  2. I will defintely have to try Chop't in NYC! I haven't been to the two stores (I usually shop in Old Town Alexandria) but I LOVE Georgetown Cupcakes! Seriously, the best!

  3. I had a serious Chop't and cupcake habit when we first moved here! Those and the fried clam bellies at Hook.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day. Can I come?

  5. Georgetown cupcakes...they will be the pitfall to my get-in-shape-by-memorial-day-diet. I tell myself they're calorie free to ease some of the guilt. Tell me if you find any good buys! Although I might not want to hear consider the UPS man just delivered three very large, very non-discreet packages from crew...uh oh!

  6. ok...now i am jealous! between your girlie days and my girlie nights ~ we have to work on a better left coast/right coast living arrangment

  7. chop't is sooooo good