01 May, 2012

Kiki Slaughter

A few months ago I stumbled upon C'ville artist Kiki Slaughter in the The Scout Guide and within minutes had a couple of her pieces cooling their heels on a wishlistdisguisedasa Pinterest board...

42x42 inches.acrylic and oil on canvas
"The many shades and layers of blue in this painting give it depth. A glossy finish makes the colors glow. This piece reminds me of the horizon between ocean and sky."

Coral Beach
42x42 inches. acrylic and oil on canvas
"This painting is inspired by Coral Beach in Bermuda. It reminds me of the signature pink sand, turquoise ocean and cliff lined beach. Makes me want to take a trip!"

42x42 inches. acrylic and oli on canvas
"A glossy finish makes the various shades of blue and green in this painting even more vibrant. It reminds me of the colors of the ocean."

Smooth Sailing
42x42 inches. acrylic and oil on canvas
"I love the soft, muted shades of color in this painting surrounding the slightly bolder strip of blue." 

42x60 inches. acrylic and oil on canvas
"I titled this painting 'fancy" because the shiny finish makes the surface glow. The specks of gold are reminiscent of glitter. In this case, shiny equals fancy!"

"Ocean"..."beach"..."pink sand"..."gold"...that is music to our sea loving, lamé bikini wearin' ears Kiki. And, Lolly and I have just thee spot for such a sure to encourage sweet dreams of summer piece...

So, when Babe and I found ourselves with an extra day in C'ville recently and, an email led to an invitation to Kiki's home for a private viewing, we jumped in our Papa Smurf rental car and hustled right on over...

An online vantage point is one thing but, seeing art up close and personal annnd getting to know the artist is quite another...

We were totally smitten. With both...

"She pours, scrapes, layers and otherwise manipulates the paint on the canvas to produce works that are rich in both color and texture" is the kind of intel Dr. Fancypants likes to cull from such a meet, while my notes read, she incorporates beach sand into some of her works, sahhh-weet! One of those s'il vous plait...

Not only did our visit reveal multiple mutual friends, ships passing at the same wedding and, the fact that we once attended a brunch at her parent's house but, Babe and her husband Hunter also bonded over his recently launched app SynkMonkey. So while, they traded biz talk Kiki and I traded C'ville scoop..

...Schedule plan by combining calendar + mapping + group messaging functionality in one step...have y'all been to the Local Restaurant in Belmont yet? Omg, it's right up there with Duners...syncs across users calendars, has a map for directions, and allows group message exchange...Cullen's new black lab puppy is sooo cute...   

All that SynkMonkey talk also afforded me extra time to expand my Kiki Slaughter wish list and Lolls and I just this morn staked our claim on some wall real estate for one of her Rotundas. That oughta teach Babe to talk shop...

Kindness of Hunter and Kiki Slaughter Murchison for inviting us into their home and studio on such short notice. With all our path crossing it was only a matter of time before we star crossed beach and, yaaawn, biz lovers formally met...XXOO


  1. Lovely post! I always enjoy meeting an artist who's work I love! Would be interested to see her London works...

  2. When I first looked at her work, I didn't like it at all. But...the more I look at her paintings on her site, the more some of them are growing on me...

    Thanks for introducing me to this artist!

  3. didja see the Clouds piece? that might juuuuuuuuust have to surface in Cambridge over a little coxie's bed... not that she doesn't already have her head in the clouds!



  4. just another reason to love Charlottesville

  5. haha that Civic IS Papa Smurf blue. WOW!

    And yes, love her stuff. Azure is def my favorite.


  6. YAY! So glad you got to meet her! LOVE her stuff! I MISS CVILLE!

  7. Did you purchase her Rotunda? I die! The Local does a chocolate custard that is heavenly. Yum.

  8. Thinking of getting one as an anniversary gift for Babe. And, noted :)