30 April, 2012

Shrine To Summer

A couple months ago I met the wonderfully talented PVE for tea and she arrived bearing a gift...

And, after last week's cold snap, I figured it was time high time I unwrapped the cellophane and put my Fresh beachy home fragrance to good use in erecting my shrine to summer...

Some people have voodoo dolls they stick with pins, I have Simon Pearce hurricanes wafting Seaside scent to the gods of summer with each flick o' the Bic...

We also bid adieu to the orchids gracing my cachepot and bonjour to the shells...

Low maintenance is how I roll when there are soon to be PTH's on the line...

Ever the sun seeker himself, Pilge followed me from room to room to attic offering his moral support throughout the entire turnover and graciously posed for his post job well done pic...

But, once Napping Beauty heard the tell-tale sounds of a missing photo op she appeared on the landing as if on queue...

Sooo, take 2 with the Princess...

Before it's was on to the candle lighting and serious Coppertone chanting...

Kindness of PVE for always being so genuinely thoughtful and sweet, Unlike moi, who compleeetely forgot about her studio tour yesterday. I think all the Seaside incense and Coppertone huffing has affected my brain. I may need a pre-season beach jaunt to recalibrate...XXOO 


  1. Love this post. Come ooonn summer!

  2. Alice,
    Summer - seriously -can it be far behind as we soon turn our calendars to the month o May! I love how you waft summer scents....and nonsense, you are welcome to my studio anytime....maybe you might even want to take an art lesson.....
    Sketching on the beach.....or a cat portrait sunning on the ubiquitous Hermes beach towel....hmmmm sounds like the cats me-ow to me.
    Glad you continue to radiate sunshine....

  3. PVE is one of the kindest and most charitable souls I've never actually met but have been fortunate enough to interact with! How sweet your tea must've been! :-) Your shells look perfect in your cachepot!! I can already smell the sunscreen and hear the crackin' of cold ones! x

  4. Summer,
    Patricia is so kind and thoughtful, she helped and inspired me from the very start of my blog!! A great friend!

    The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera...(of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is on my site, please stop by! Her work is also amazing!

    Art by Karena

  5. Awww. This might be one of my fav posts ever. You DO radiate sunshine each day! Love the princess photo op - I tilt my head the same way ;)

  6. Summer can't get here soon enough! I'm craving some sun, sand and surf time!

  7. Love the shells, kitties, and PVE's illustrations! This has been the oddest winter and spring...I'm so ready for summer in CT! I've had a hard time finding basic Coppertone (looove the smell)---have you heard if they're discontinuing any of their sunscreens? Had to settle for Hawaiin Tropic during our warm spell in April, the scent wasn't bad but not quite up to par ;-)
    Here's hoping the advent of May will bring sunny skies and balmy days...

  8. Lovely post--my favorite season is Spring w/ Summer close on its heels.

  9. Love the pose Pilge is giving you here! And the seashells and scents are marvelous.