22 May, 2012

Long Tail Alley

It all started benignly enough...

Enter Green Tail, courtesy of Santa...

And, things started to get intense. Lolly spent hours, and I mean hooouuurs, perfecting her salchow and double axel much to every one's delight. Or, so we thought...

Turns out nooot everyone was enjoying her one woman show especially all the squeals of delight and roses tossed the star's way. Diva, meet the Divo...

Enter Long Tail. A li'l bonus gift included in the Easter Bunny's leopard mouse order. Long Tail eventually became Split Tail from the workout he was being given trying to be equitable. Mummy and Daddy soon found themselves being summoned to long rehearsals. If the Diva and Divo are not napping they expect the stage hands to toss their growing collection of Long Tails up and down the length of the hall, or what has become known as Long Tail Alley....

Daddy says handling the growing egos is like managing a band; The Divo, Hanni Lee Roth, tossing on his white robe and refusing to perform cuz his rider stated he was to have two Long Tails in his dressing room and there's only one...

The Diva, Lolly Gaga, retreating to her trailer if the Divo thwarts one of her signature flips...

Wait til Daddy finds out that's the least of his worries. Seems the stars have purchased a ticket on the Mint.com express train to trouble and are currently giving Mama a run for her money in UPS Long Tail deliveries...

Kindness of Babe who has been picking up the Long Tail tossing slack after work and on weekends while Mama ices her Long Tail elbow...XXOO


  1. Oh, too funny. We have many,many mice the 'turn up' every now and then, having been forced into 'hiding' under furniture. All of a sudden one reappears and all @#$% breaks loose. It is fun to watch....the great beasts of the jungle. Lolly and Pigie are so beautiful.

    Jon will be in touch on this one.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  2. That Lolly is one talented aerialist! I showed my fluffernutters, Charlie and Emma, and they simply yawned. At their ages, they consider it to be an accomplishment if they don't slip when jumping off tables.

    Always love seeing Diva and Divo posts. They are both such darling critters.

  3. So funny an cute, gotta love 'em!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful post of the cats. Lolly is such a good jumper, and she caught it in midair! Flying mice are dangerous, you must take comfort knowing your home is protected. I always like to think that deeply embedded in the purring housecat's DNA is a chromosome fragment from the ancient saber tooth tiger. Thank you for sharing their talent.

  5. I think this is my favorite cat post of yours EVER!

  6. Lolly has quite a jump! My Maine Coon leapt into the air last night and caught a housefly...crunch crunch, what a tasty pre-bed snack :-) Good to know our fierce hunters are around to protect us!

  7. Love the tail of the fur babies! >^..^<

  8. What a delightful post!