08 May, 2012

Watch Out World

I had a slew of comedy of travel errors getting to Greenville on Friday beginning with the smoke detector screaming for a new battery mere hours before my 4am wake up and ending with the police at my hotel room after my pinkie accidentally found thee one out of 22 buttons on the phone for 911 while reaching for a magazine. Insert delayed flights, 45 minutes circling a closed runway, a missed connection, the wrong gate, shin splints from sprinting in Jack Rodgers, a lost boarding pass and a face perpetually frozen in that juuust about to cry scrunch...

But, it was all worth it to see Emma, and her bff Sally, graduate from Furman...

And, even though I was on standby to selflessly absorb it should it not have been well received, the gift from Babe, the Ti-Babes and moi was a big hit...

Youknowwho was taking copious notes for next year...

A few last minute sisterly adjustments...

Then one final walk down the lawn...

One final adieu to Furman...

Before Lucy and Ethel head out into the world...

Watch out world...

Kindness of Emma and Sally for always being great sports. Also, Emma and Hilbils for picking me up and dropping me off at the Greenville airport even though it included an ever changing pick-up time and a 4:45am wake up. Bet it was all that racked up good karma you earned and not those baby blues that got y'all out of that North Carolina speeding ticket en route home...XXOO


  1. Best Aunt (& Uncle) Ever! Love the clic-clac as I'm sure Emma will too. So thoughtful and fun!

    Your family posts always warm my heart! Your relationship with your nieces seems to be just perfect! It reminds me so much of how my sister is with my daughter and I wouldn't have it any other way. Kudos to you for making E & H such an important facet of your life!

    Every girl should be so lucky to have such kind, genuine, not to mention HILARIOUS woman in her life! And I mean, the Hermès graduation gifts aren't hurting your case either... ;)

  2. BEAUTIFUL clic clac. She will treasure it for forever!

  3. Hermes bracelet...what a lucky duck. Congrats Emma and Sally! xx

  4. Love the click clack! Lucky girl! And my sister went to
    Furman! Gorgeous school. Was Emma

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