15 May, 2012

Paris In Spring

Nooot reallyyy...

But, a girl can pretend when she has the Saint James Galathée tee in a bevy of Spring colors like frosted aqua...

 Bright celery...

 Caribbean pink...

And, good ole navy paired with her capris...

Since it's, fingers crossed, on the verge of getting too warm for their nominally heavier weight Minquiers III tee...

I stopped myself at two. Annnd, here's hoping they stay folded til October...

Kindness of J. Crew for offering up the Saint James tees because, woman can not live in popovers alone...XXOO


  1. Those tees are perfect!! I just love them and may need to add some (or all) to my closet. Seem perfect especially to go under cardigans, navy blazers, etc.

    xoxo KLS

  2. thanks for the bevy of beautiful stripes and inspiring me to wander out on a new limb or a new set of stripes.

  3. love... great to pull out on those cooler nights. I have always been a traditionalist, but those new colors are so inviting.

  4. Do not regret not being in Paris, it doesn't stop raining here ! Nice tees, which ones did you buy ?

  5. Those tees are great! They'd look lovely in London too... in case Paris doesn't work out :-) xx

  6. Really cute tops. Glad to see you are also a follower of the shopping adage: "if the shoe fits, buy it in every color"

  7. Decisions, decision. Which color do I choose...pink, green? Ahh, both it is!

  8. Compete classics! The pnk one may or may not be finding a home in my closet ASAP!