01 May, 2012

Five Six Things

K, I usually try and limit it to five but, Meg Carter debuted her Spring/Summer 2012 line and I couldn't choose between the Curtain Bluff Triple in amazonite...

And, the Coral Triplet tiny necklace in lavender. Both pleaseee... 

EAS gets the credit for the Polar Bear Coolers find. This is gonna be one of those "couple" situations where I'll have to default to a boy color so, I'm thinking I may have a pink 6 Packer riding piggyback on the order for my Diet Coke beach travel...

A big ole thank you to @AgathaMChristie for the heads up on the Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch book. And, at a bargain basement $5.95 to boot...

If I can only get one more Lilly item this season please God let it be the MarieKate dress in New Green Go To Batt. OBSESSED...

Babe and I are huge Tony Robbins fans and his Breakthrough with Tony Robbins show, Mondays at 10pm on OWN, has recently taken the pole position from Million Dollar Listing New York. Sorry Fredrik (said with a Svvvedish accent and a high kick)...

Kindness of Meg Carter for the pre look-see of her Spring/Summer 2012 line, EAS for sharing JCW's cooler pic and @AgathaMChristie for the great book find. Jeesh, I barely have to leave the house to find trouble...XXOO  


  1. Love that green dress! And once in college, my then boyfriend was doing some event work on a conference Tony Robbins spoke at - he introduced me to him and we rode the elevator together... I didn't actually know who he was or what he did till about 2 years later! hahaha xx

  2. Love Meg Carter's products. These are beauties.

  3. We used JCW's Polar Bear cooler over the weekend...function meets style! I adore the first Meg Carter Necklace! xx

  4. You need the second Meg masterpiece to go with the MarieKate dress!

    Tony Robbins 'coached' a team my husband was on many years ago. They said he mostly just chased the pretty girls, lol! Tony, not the husband.........

  5. Just picked up the green LP dress---LOVE it--GET IT--it will sell out soon in the small sizes


  6. Meg's new designs are TDF, and that monogram book is now on my amazon wishlist!!!! xoxoxo

  7. The green Lily dress is fabulous...have a similar one in bright pink and love it!!

  8. Great dress, the colour is stunning !

  9. That green dress is gorgeous!


  10. Saw the Meg Carter pieces on your pinterest board and I am totally in love! Just added the monogram book to my growing Amazon cart. I have been lusting after the past season Mariekate in yellow...still hoping to track it down. The green is pretty too.

  11. Love the meg carter necklaces and now am obsessed!
    ps green Lilly dress is gorgeous!

  12. That green dress is LITERALLY blowing my mind!!! I might just need to order it today for a wedding I'm attending next month!

    Tartan & Sequins