29 February, 2012

Squinty's New Whip

When we returned from Breckenridge we were greeted with Lolls giving us the ole squint eye...

I didn't know whether to chalk it up to a lot of I miss my Mommy crying, too long without my thorough bi-daily face washing or her eensie (whispers) birth defect starting to cause problems but, whatever it was earned Cupcake a round trip ticket to the vet in the new Sleepypod whip...

And, if Lolly and I had known our arrival at Just Cats was going to be greeted by a waiting room full of adoring Sleepypod fans, we would have at least taken a moment on the elevator to button our cuffs, put on a bit o' lip gloss and slap a patch on that squint...

"Omg, what a nice carrier, who makes that?" But, before I could respond, around the corner came a tech who pointed and said, "Sleepypod, awesome! We carry those downstairs now." And, as if on cue, a lady exiting an exam room with her kitties gasped, "That is the nicest carrier. What brand is that? I HAAAVE to have one" 

Naturally, I was basking in the glow of all the attention but, the Princess in her carriage was starting to feel like a lone banker walking through the middle of an Occupy Wall Street hacky sack game...

 Sooo, out of the frying pan and into the fire we went...

As it turned out, le squint was due to a eye full of itty bitty hairs resulting from a combination of my suspicions and was easily remedied with an eye flush. We topped that off with a manicure and called our girl's day out a success...

In the meantime, someone has gotten wind of Mommy's upcoming trip to Mexico and launched her own Occupy Sleepypod AIR campaign.  Ohhh Squinty...

Click here to read "Tips on Choosing a Carrier for Your Pet" written by Lolly's wonderful vet, Dr. Sasha Gibbons...

Kindness of Babe and Pilgie who will take care of my baby's eye and heart while I'm gone or else Mam's gonna need a patch from all her crying...XXOO


  1. Glad it wasn't anything serious. She is such a little cutie!

  2. Love Lolly's new whip! Glad she's all better. :)

  3. The picture of Lolly looking up at you while the tres jelly dsh in his very plebeian plastic and wire crate pretends not to be looking at you is priceless.

    If I may offer a teeny piece of advice from first hand knowledge. Please be careful when transporting your precious cargo in the front seat of your whip. Twelve years ago, when Devin was a mere kitten, he was riding up front with me, securely strapped into his carrier, when I was in a head-on collision. The airbag deployed and crushed his carrier. We were both fine, save for the stitches in my wrist from my airbag (those are nasty, but necessary devices). But to this day, I have to give my BFF feline diazepam, which you and I better know as Valium, in order to take him anywhere outside the house. I just want to be sure your ti-babes are safe and sound. :-)

  4. I keep Lily in her crate (she is a dog, maybe they make one of these for dogs?... prob not) in her back seat, just due to airbag fears...

    REGARDLESS, glad her beautiful eyes just had some hairs and I am sure she loved having a solo outing with Mommy! When you go to PB will you take the ti-babes?

  5. Believe it or not I woke up like that Sunday morning! Instead of a glam ride to the doc in my fancee whip, I got a "yeah, that looks weird, try some ice." Glad Miss Lolly & I are better!

    I always wonder about those peeps who ride with their dogs in their laps....if that airbag deploys, it's going to be hell getting all the smooshed dog off you.

  6. Alice,

    You're killin' us! I don't think there is a cuter cat in this world.

    I'm having trouble with email adresses defaulting from blogs into my email....would you please email me, I have a long hair cat grooming question and Spring would apprecite your advice.


    Thanks, Kathleen

  7. Gosh what's it like to be recognized by strangers everywhere you go!?

  8. They most def make carriers for pooches! And, merci for the concern Whitney. The whip actually has a nice feature where the passenger airbag deactivates when there is no considerable weight detected on the seat. So, basically, it only turns on when my big butt's riding shotgun.

    And, it sucks SP when you're in sweats with a zit which seems to be the majority of the time pour moi :)

  9. Love her pod. Glad her eye is ok!

  10. Love that carrier! I immediately went "awww!" when I saw her! Hope the eye is better! xo

  11. Awesome cats, carriers, and article. Lolly must feel like a Rockstar going around in Sleepypod carriers. She sure looks like one in the photos. Please share your trip to Mexico in her new Sleepypod Air.

  12. Hilarious!!! the first pic is a total Popeye...


  13. Hush hush, I know your tush is AOK and not of J.Lo caliber.


  14. I'm using sleepypod atom for my toy poodle Amber. She's loving it so far! She loves to to bite it too lol!