27 February, 2012

KP MacLane's Dawn Of The Dress Polo

Talk about a union cut from the coveted real estate of Town & Country's wedding page. Katherine and Jared, the design duo behind the KP MacLane label, met while working in Paris. At Hermès. I'd say that's what ya'd call an announcement shoo-in but, in their case, I'll opt for the more apropos collars up...

Their debut, signature woman's polo is also a match made in heaven combining their Hermès trained eyes for Euro detailing married with good old fashioned made in America craftsmanship...

And, speaking of town and country, this polo will surely garner fans with it's ability to pair as easily with a suit as with sportswear...

Babe will cheer for the fact that my chest won't be emblazoned with some critter...

And, others are going to swoon over such deets as the modal's unbelievable softness and perfectly proportioned for necklace sporting placket...

Of course, ya already know, they had me at Hermès...

Kindness of my buddy and, copy editor about the Capital, Daniel Lippman for consistently sending me prep worthy links, such as his recent KP MacLane FYI, with nary a mention of any editing sins. Between my mom, the bff and Anonymous, I've pretty much got that base covered. One of these days, they're gonna awake to an inbox message of me saying, that shirt doesn't go with those pants and ya forgot to snip the thread tacking your jacket pleat..XXOO


  1. Oh very smart, I've just been invited to a dinner at a country club in the US, I've never been to a country club before, we don't have them here but the best part is that I have been sent a dress code. Love it!

  2. If ordering, how do these run? These look like super soft, amazing polos!

  3. Thanks for the nudge. I need to get this off my Pinterest "ABC's" board and into my stash. In fact, what I really need is a quiet night with Pinterest and my VISA...another match made in heaven.


  4. It's amazing how a simple shirt can make any outfit look so polished!

  5. Not sure SSP as I"ve yet to order mine. Like Tricia, I long over due for a date night with my Pinterest board and credit card. I'd suggest emailing them with any sizing questions as I can't find a contact number...XXOO

  6. Would love to hear a real life review - the collar screams old school Leon Levin - lol!