01 March, 2012

World's Shortest Workout

Dr. Smartypants has thrown a flag on the field with a Japanese scientist's claim that this 4 minute workout video is the equivalent of a 40-60 minute run, increasing aerobic capacity and metabolism for the following 36 hours but, I say, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause bearing thin...


Considering I recognize the moves from my Insanity workouts, and I KNOW those work, I'm willing to take the gamble and have added it as a bonus fat burner to my daily routine. Besides, I figure if my heart and head believe, I have a pretty good chance of my rumpus following suit...

Btw, I don't even bother changing for this and have done it the past several nights in my street clothes and slippers right before sitting down to dinz...

Kindness of the Suburban Princess whose Pinterest board I looted this video from. T minus 9 days and counting til it's bikini go time and I appreciate any and all help towards becoming remotely presentable...XXOO


  1. Very cool! My only (dumb) question is how do you manage to time yourself without another person telling you when to start/stop? Is there some interval timer app the unathletic don't know about which you could share?

  2. I've just been pulling up the video the past three nights when I do it. But, I've counted how many of each move I do in each 20 second interval should I ever have to improvise...XXOO

  3. Now if only I could find the motivation to actually do this! Perhaps when I am finished eating my birthday cake in a few weeks I will add these into my morning routine :O)

  4. That looks pretty intense! (redundant, sorry) But maybe I will check it out!

  5. Alice, I do hot yoga quite often and despite the intense effort (I ahsll spare you the details) would you mind journaling a few days of your eating routine/plan.....oh, just plain intake, planned or not! It's not just exercise and you always look svelte. My metabolism has become that of a slug's.

  6. Oh, I've done hot yoga and loved it, although, my spray tan at the time did not. And, I don't mind at all but, let me say up front, I have terrible eating habits so, I am not one to emulate. I'm an all or nuthin' girl so, it's either chocolate out the wazoo or starvation city here. Currently, it's the latter in preparation for Mexico which is:

    Breakfast - 1/2 cup each Kashi Cinnamon Harvest and bare Naked fruit and nut granola w/raspberries and skim milk and a cup of green tea w/raw honey.

    Lunch @ 2pm - Shakeology shake and Diet Coke.

    Dinz - BIG salad w/olive oil as my dressing and piece of salmon w/olive oil and sea salt.

    Told ya. Horrendous. But, since I'm working out hard again I do try and make sure to get a lot of protein and good fat, e.g., olive oil, nuts, avacado. Now, if I could just cut sugar out of my diet, I'd be home free cuz otherwise I eat pretty cleanly. My head knows that it's not what you eat, it's how much of it you eat but, I just can't seem to get to that space. Bethenny Frankel's got it right if ya want to head off in her direction...XXOO

  7. Dr. SP is correct, 4 minutes does not equal 30 minutes except in marketing efforts.

  8. Yay! Perfect for my crazy work travel when i have less than 8 hours a day to eat, sleep an exercise!

  9. I neglected to say thanks for answering my request and providing us w/ a glimpse of your eating journal for a day. Looks v. balanced to me. Regardless, what you are doing is working!

    Best regards, Suzi