02 February, 2012

5 Things

Here are this week's 5 things catching my attention...

Ahhhmazing Vail Resorts sweepstakes for four nights at the posh Beaver Creek luxury Trappers Cabin for the winner and 7 of her nearest and dearest. The grand prize also includes, long deep breath...private snowcat, cabin keeper, 8 round-trip airline tickets, lift tickets, shuttle to and from the airport, $1000 towards dining, $1000 to blow at Beaver Creek Sports, a private chef for one night, fireplaceoutdoorjacuzziandunbelievableviews...BIG guuulp of air. "Not exactly roughing it" is right!

Nifty cards from the Rifle Paper Company...

Making framed collages like Amanda Brooks instead of hiding your pics in albums. So Kennedyesque...

I've been eyeballing Quinton Middleton's custom made knives since first reading of them in Garden & Gun. Now I quietly stalk them on FB...

The complete set of The Art of Sewing I found on Etsy arrived and it is so cool. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to resurrect the book check-out card system I had in place for my Nancy Drews cuz I foresee a lot of sisterly requests to borrow...  

Kindness of anyone who wins the Beaver Creek Sweepstakes for including me in their 7. Dibs on driving the snowcat...XXOO


  1. Can't believe u got the whole set of books! I have been trolling eBay for them after seeing Amanda brooks' blog a few months ago. Majorly crushing on her. I may have to take a peak at yours to see if it's worth the purchase.

  2. LOVE Beaver Creek! I went their for spring break one year and there is nothing like getting into a jacuzzi after a day on the slopes! xx

  3. Indeed I did :)
    You are welcome to walk over on your lunch break any ole time Pat 'cept today. Dooog SICK...XXOO

  4. I heard you moved up this way! Welcome!!!

    Love Vail - headed there in February. I started subscribing to Garden & Gun this year and gave it as gifts. Fav new mag!

    Have a great day!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. My husband/I met on a ski trip to Beaver Creek 10 years ago on 2/15. I need to win that trip!

  6. Even though I'm not much of a sewer, that collection of books would look great on a shelf!! Great etsy find! x

  7. I will totally invite you when I win! And I will let you drive the snowcat - even tho I have driven many snowcats....ok, sat in the passenger seat once, but whatev......

  8. Um, I had a check out system for MY Nancy Drew books!!! Just had to share :) never heard of anyone else doing that! ;)

  9. Oh yeah, made li'l manila pockets on the back, inside cover to stick the check out card in just like the real library. They were held on by a Unicef sticker of the Virgin Mary I was supposed to be selling :)