21 February, 2012

Found Thee Buckle

I have renewed desire, again, to complete the ski scene needlepoint belt that I've been threatening to finish going on two years...

And, it's all thanks to the antique sterling and turquoise Navajo buckle purchase I eeked out before youknowwho's plane landed in Denver mid-week...

This time next year, I'll be trotting down Main Street Breckenridge sportin' my needlepoint Western ski scene belt looking a smidge more cowgirl, and a smidge less victim of mad cow disease. I do not wear altitude sickness well... 

And, thanks to EAS's recent find, I also hope to come bearing the perf hostess gift for my in-laws ski house key. Better get stitching!

Kindness of my in-laws for being such generous hosts. Babe and I had such a blast and can not wait til the next visit. Next year I'm packing a T. Anthony stowaway duffel to haul back all the Navajo loot I plan on buying...XXOO


  1. Thanks to my visit to EAS' blog this morning, I bought 2 of those needlepoint key fobs: hydragea nantucket basket and anchor. Cannot wait to start on them.

  2. What gorgeous needlepoint piece of yours is your cat sitting on? It looks huge.

  3. Adorable. Def gonna use those key fob's for next years party favor for the ski coaches annual attitude gratitude dinner! :)

  4. Gorgeous buckle!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! xoxo

  5. That is going to look amazing with the buckle!

  6. Each piece is so great- why not consider a fab leather for your silver buckle and a plain buckle for your needlepoint.
    Each one could compete with the other when put together. Just my two cents worth.

  7. Her kits were my very first needlepoint project when I bought three this Christmas. I love the ski version!

  8. Pilgie is sitting on his needlepoint bench which, I can not take credit for. We bought it in C'ville years ago.

    And, the good thing about having Chuck Pinnell leather my finished needlepoint belt is that he makes sterling buckles removable for polishing sooo, I can easily swap it out for wearing on a different leather strap if the mood strikes me. But, I truly wanted that look for that particular needlepoint scene...XXOO

  9. Mary Jo Cole in Boston does the 'ladies' series of eyeglass cases. It's hard to see, but the ladies are dressed in ski gear, golf gear, tennis gear and beach gear on the front of the case and nakedy on the back. Very cute. I'm doing the skier.....