03 October, 2011

Daily Simon Pearce Fix

I haven't had much time to peruse the shops along the Avenue for all the unpacking and organizing but, I've somehow managed to already instill myself as a "regular" at Simon Pearce. They not only know my name but, the State I moved from, why my legs are tan, and what I'll probably be back in for the following day...

It started when I went in for the pair of Nantucket Hurricanes.  I spied a sweet li'l dish for housing our silk knots and cuff links in the closet. So, I went home, scouted the real estate...

And, was back at SP bright and early the next morn getting the Highgate Heart Dish...

During that trip, I discovered that I could bring in my large Woodbury Pitcher with the stress crack to exchange for a new one...

Figuring I'd kill two Woodburies with one stone, I also snagged the Woodbury Photo Block I had eyed juuust the spot for...

I shoulda been recycling my Simon Pearce bag cuz sure enough, 'twas back again the next day for a basket I'd logged during my last sweep of the store...

The perfect Goldilocks size needed to house the never ending to-do pile on my desk like, listing my too small sooob B² alligator belt strip on eBay and paying shameful parking in front of a hydrant Avenue ticket...

But, sensing  Babe's Simon Pearce how much did that cost me? was beginning to wear a lit-tal thin I switched spending gears and reeled in counter stools at Home Goods and TV trays at Walmart this weekend.  Bargains, I feel, more than deserve a credit or three towards my next SP visit...

Kindness of reader Katie who recognized me in Home Goods and gave the rec for Mario Batelli's Tarry Lodge around the corner in Port Chester, NY. It was outstaaanding Katie. Babe most especially thanks you for saving him from visit number six to Pizza Post this week...XXOO


  1. Ok! So first a warning: wayyyy too much drooling and complimenting about to take place....

    I LOVE your decorating style. It is literally inspirational and is so right up my ally, that every interior or closet or furiture shot on your blog contains ten items that end up on my wish list (never going to be able to afford a $1300 RL lamp, but there are cheap versions, n'est-ce pas?).
    Ive been reading my way through your archive and after today's posting, I had to bust out of the shadows! Please please please more interior shots! Kitchen is gorge, office is super stylish... Love it!!

    :-) admiring from Germany!

  2. The 4 SP 09/28/2011 tea lights that I ordered arrived on Saturday. They commemorate tropical storm Irene and $20.00 of each one goes to help Vermonters that were devastated in the storm.

    My Woodbury pitcher has a crack!!!!! I'm an SP devotee and had no idea about trying to get a replacement. Thanks!!

    Your house is looking FAB. Great job,

  3. http://www.shackletonthomas.com/

    I became obsessed with Charles & Miranda over 10 years ago.

  4. Well aren't your new digs snazzy! Gawgeous! As my mother would say, Very Good-Looking!

  5. LOVE Simon Pearce, have for many years! So glad to hear that they surivied the storm, so devasting in and around Quechee.

    My family takes annual trips to Stowe and make it a point to visit Quechee. Although, I haven't been there in a few years. :(

    My parents started my collection for me a few years back, although I wish I owned some of their pieces! HA! HA! HA!

    BTW, I am hosting a Grpahic Image giveaway over on my blog:


    Stop on over and enter, good luck!

  6. My favorites from this post are the beautiful orchids, cozy cable knit sweaters, PVE framed illustration and of course your Hermes bangle collection...total eye candy! xx

  7. My you have been a busy decorating bee! Everything looks lovely!

  8. Good morning...your place looks fab! BTW - another great spot around the corner from the Tarry Lodge is a place called Bartaco. Great food, wonderful atmosphere...I'm sure you'll love it!

  9. Oh my, love your style! All parking tickets should reside in a lovely basket.

  10. I really adore that heart shaped holder for "Babe's" silk knots and cuff links. Super super cute!!

  11. Love your finds and your new digs! Hope you'll be treating us to a fall home tour shortly!

  12. Still mourning the devastation at Simon Pearce in Quechee... will have to pour a glass of wine from the SP decanter I bought there this summer in honor of their long road to restoration of that beautiful location. Ironically, the hubs, the girls and I were in NYC and strolled right past the SP store... I had to keep walking (although my older daughter mentioned to the hubs that we needed to make a stop for me, God bless her eleven year old soul). Your digs are looking great, BTW!!! Having just moved to Boston this summer, I can completely relate to the never ending "to do" list for a new home. You deserve more trips to SP for your hard work!!!

  13. Well, my dear...I have many more fun spots for you to visit in your new home town (and its surrounding nabes). Morello for lunch, L'Escale for bevvies, Bar Taco and Lolita's for Mexican. I also welcome you to visit Carlisle (283 Greenwich Ave, 2nd floor) during your next visit to Simon Pearce. Welcome to town!!

  14. First of all, the decorating really isn't any of my doing. We're renting the newly renovated "servants quarters" on the top floor of an old home so everything came as is; wall colors, kitchen appliances, ect. All I really did was unpack, hang some pics and spend Babe's moola on a few trinkets.

    And, yes!, apparently SP stands by their products so you too should be able to trade in your cracked Woodbury pitcher Nauset. I was pumped to hear that cuz I looove that pitcher.

    Lastly, the RL lamps were a pretty penny but, we'll have those babies forever. We'd rather have those lamps on the floor than a diff pair of lamps, two nightstands and a coffee table. Priorities Germany, priorities... :)

  15. Love L'Escale and we've done Bartaco. Will add Morello and Lolita to the list. And, a Carlisle visit :)

  16. There is nothing finer than Simon Pearce. The understated elegance and the quiet beauty of everything...and the best lunch in Vermont...well worth a three and a half hour trip from the Shoreline in CT simply for lunch.
    I make a purchase every time I go!

  17. Kind of sort of off topic but do you have one of those super snappy folder gadgets? The resulting perfect staggage of the cashmere cable crews = delicious/get me a spoon.

    - suffering from fold envy

  18. Sighhh...embarrassingly, yes, yes I do have a super snappy folder gadget. Babe mocks it endlessly. The board came in my OCD welcome packet ;)

  19. I love all things Mr. Simon Pearce, he's my cousin's cousin (I think). Spot on choices as usual!

    Port Chester as a destination for anything other than late night beer runs? Whoda thunk? I think I was last there in the Pathmark in a bridesmaid dress....must get back down there...

  20. Love your orchids!
    Where do you buy them and how do you care for them?
    I have purchased mine from whole foods in the past and they never looked as glorious as yours do!

  21. Both those beauties came from Greenwich Orchids, one as a housewarming gift and the other as a gift to myself. But, I have bought many an orchid from Whole Foods over the years. I was schooled to water every 10 days to 2 weeks, watering until water runs from the bottom hole. Be careful not to get water on the base where it can sit in the li'l nooks where the leaves meet the base. They don't like that. And, I'm afraid that is the extent of my knowledge care :)