19 October, 2011

A Collection Is Born

Whenever I'm in a Williams-Sonoma with Babe, like clockwork I point to all the shiney copper pots lining the wall and whistfully say, some day I'm gettin' aaaaaall those...

Then I picture myself waltzing in, dripping in Alhambra and fur and saying, I'll take that whole wall please. My driver will pull around back for you to load thankyouverymuch...

Then I had an aha moment courtesy of a Christina Ferrare promo spot on OWN; After touting copper as theee BEST pots for conducting heat when cooking, she suggested growing your collection one pot at a time...

Now, why hadn't I thought of that?  I can start with one weensie ole butter warmer...

And, pot by pot by fry pan...

I can grow my collection. Although, I think I'll don my Nana's mink stole and drive the whip around to the service entry every time I make a purchase just to keep the fantasy somewhat intact...

Kindness of Christina Ferrare for the epiphany juuust as the whatdoyouwantforChristmas season approaches...XXOO


  1. I have the butter warmer and I love it! the true cook never buys a set. You have to develop those tastes, and the feel of each pot is so different! (this is how I have done my All-Clad and Le Creuset as well, no regrets!)

  2. Love copper pots! I too hope to purchase some in the near future and take my pots/pans to our beach place.

    Like you, my first purchase will be the butter pot. I have been wanting one for a long time but just haven't taken the time to purchase one.

    Is Christina's all stainless on the interior? Are they only at Williams Sonoma or are the available elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. That's what I thought until I tried to lift one when it was empty, my feeble wrist almost snapped in two.
    I've kissed this dream goodbye.

  4. greenwich hospital thrift store had a pretty big collection the other day - and i believe it was on sale.

  5. The verrrry best thing about a collection is building it -amassing it -over time. Have fun !

  6. I have the omelette pan. I seem to have stopped at that:).

  7. bwahahaha hilarious. loves it!! i have delusions of starting my collection with one of the acorn-lidded pots. good thing there's a williams-sonoma outlet 30 minutes from our house...

  8. I used to find copper pots and pans at thrift shops all of the time. I would just take them to have their interiors re-tinned, or in one case of a spectacular stock pot, re-silvered - that's right. i had the interior coated in silver. they did it for just a little more than the retinning and it's gorgeous.

    My parents bought me a whole set of French copper pots and pans that they stumbled across at a flea market in France and then shipped home to me for my 40th b-day.

    Love the copper and it's all that I have/use. But you do have to spend a lot of time keeping it clean and shiny.

  9. These would work well for you, since you are not afraid of cleaning. They are labor-intensive for pots.

    Maybe you could include a maid along with your driver to pick these up?

  10. The brand I have pic'd is Mauviel and is carried at Willims-Sonoma. I have no idea if Christina Ferrare has a line of copper pots. And, thank you anon for the thrift store heads up. I did swing by and see them but, unfortunately they're not "thrift store" priced...XXOO

  11. Aparently cleaning stained pots is as simple as boiling rhubarb... Something about the natural enzymes released. I could be wrong!
    Start with the bracelet... Or the VCA necklace. Found it for you on the 'Bay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VCA-VAN-CLEEF-ARPELS-ALHAMBRA-MOTHER-PEARL-NECKLACE-/120770780224?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c1e7fdc40#ht_2035wt_689

  12. even with the orange stickers signifying 75% off? i have to admit i didn't take the time to have them remove them from the case . . . but you are in greenwich now!

  13. How in the world did I miss the 75% stickers?! XXOO

  14. We have kindred hearts - I too have dreams of having the entire set. Go in WS to salivate over them often!

  15. I love copper but would rather look at them than use them. Cleaning them isn't the problem; the hot handles are the problem for me. Having to use a pot holder or oven mitt everytime you want to touch the handle is a pain - and a much bigger pain if you don't remember to use a mitt.

    Using my vintage, heavy, truly American made Revere Ware, almost gives me almost the same visual without the price tag and pain from using all copper.

    But it is pretty. I collect copper bowls and have them hanging on one kitchen wall.

  16. This past weekend I used the phrase “dripping in Van Cleef and Arpels” followed by a “if I could I would” xx

  17. I love the copper color!


  18. They have Mauviel on OKL today!



    Tori Bray