26 October, 2011

Back From The 'Ville

Besides thee rather large speeding ticket, broken pearl bracelet and, courtesy of a George Washington Bridge pothole, misaligned whip casualties, our weekend in C'ville was glorious...

We joyfully watched as Babe's med school chum Liz Thompson added the initials Mrs. to the front end of her name, helping to balance out the hefty M.D., Ph.D. which will soon be weighing down the back end...

And, loved every minute of catching up with all our fancy surgical resident friends...

Yup. Faaancy lot they are... 

Fancy pantsy...

Buttoned-up lot... 

Even if I hadn't seen the smear of shaving cream on the left cheek of the esteemed Dr. Keller, I'd have pegged that heart detailing on Liz and John's car as the work of fancy surgically trained hands a mile away...

Kindness of Mr. and Mrs. John Beasley for including us in their happy day. It was so much fun to see everyone and we can't wait to do it again come April for the Dr.'s Rude and Bumpass nuptials. Til then, Babe'll be working on his worm dance moves and I'll be boning up on my old school raps...XXOO


  1. That was well worth three speeding tickets!

  2. We were in Cville this weekend too-your friend had beautiful weather for a wedding. But sheesh, the traffic over the GW on Sunday night was a bear. Don't know if you have found this yet, but if you are in the left lane on the lower level, you can get off onto the Henry Hudson Parkway (right as you are exiting the bridge) and it will take you to the Hutch/Merritt. Saves you from having to deal with the disaster that is 95 from the Bronx to New Rochelle.

  3. Thank you for that intel! I will be sure and let Babe know. Although, he was saying something about taking the Tapenzee next time and avoiding the GW all together post pothole disaster...XXOO

  4. That automobile is a classic work of art.

  5. You can go up the Jersey side, take the Tappan Zee to the Cross Westchester to the Hutch/Merritt. Easy Peasey!

  6. Looks to me that the fun had was worth the car/pearl/ticket boo-boos. Love a wedding where the guests can have fun!

  7. YAY!!! Can't wait to see you two again in April!

  8. Tappan Zee is the only way to go on weekends and especially summer or holiday weekends. It's a little longer mileage wise but bouncing on the bridge for an hour praying some big truck doesn't hit you is nerve racking. Then sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for the next hour or so to New Rochelle makes me want to kill someone.