18 October, 2011

The Gigi Tassel Bracelet

I was alllllll OVER that shwanky Lorraine Schwartz pink tassel bracelet Oprah sported during her final episode...

And, it looks as though Meg Carter may have heard my non Lorraine Schwatz budgeted telepathic prayers...

Now...the burning question is, which color do I want first in the Gigi tassel bracelet?  Indigo, which would go with everything in my heavy on the blacks and navies winter wardrobe?

Or, the soft blue green to play against the tan I plan on jetting off to reclaim come November?

But then again, the ivy goes great with black and navy AND Coppertone brown... 

To be fair, the pearl would pair well with everything in my wardrobe, every skin shade from August's tanorexic to February's sock white, not to mention, whatever color click-clack I snatch once Babe gives the green light...

Guess I'll leave the chocolate pickins' for the bff, being that it goes with her tigers eye Alhambra and all. Besides, it'd likely disappear against my back from sizzlin' south of the border tan...

Kindness of Meg Carter for reading my covetous mind. And, here I thought that was a talent only Babe possessed and utilized for thwarting purposes...XXOO


  1. I am having similar decision issues with these. I want them ALL!

  2. Lovely!

    First choice: Indigo

    Second choice: Soft blue/green

    Third Choice: Chocolate, the tassel of which is presenting as more of a trendy rust shade on my monitor

  3. Beautiful bracelet
    I love he pearls and then the soft blue is also stunning

  4. Thank you Alice! I'm always thrilled to be included in your spot on picks. And not to complicate everyone's choices more, but the Gigi is very cute worn as a pair ... say indigo and ivy?

  5. love them all, but the indigo is my favorite!

  6. I prefer the blue green. I can look at my wrist and be reminded of a turquoise sea.

    Thanks for sharing this find.

  7. Oooo, I have yet another item for my Christmas list. :)

  8. Meg Carter hits it out of the park, again! Totally gorg!

  9. I vote for the pearls! Super fabulous!

  10. I would go with the indigo 1st, like you I love greys, black oh and winter whites as well as denims!! It would go with all!

    Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great resource as well)

    Art by Karena

  11. So beautiful! I am going to pop over to Meg Carter's site and see all of the colors.

    I know someone who is making a Christmas list on Pinterest this year. I may have to do that, too.