17 October, 2011

The StyleMint Plunge

I've been eying the marykateandashleyolsen StyleMint tee's ever since Belle on Heels was kind enough to leave her rec in a comment thread and, theee minute Tomboy Style gave them her good taste seal of approval, I took the plunge...

My Petit Bateau creature of habit self still needs to take these kind of changes  s l o o o w  so, I'm getting my StyleMint toe wet with the Prince in white...

Likely to see a li'l more Hermès scarf, and a li'l less jammie bottom action than my PB tee's...

But, now that I'm back from our Lolita dinz with a bit of margarita bravado, I'm toying with an additional Magnolia purchase in black.  Maybe a quick perusal of this marykateandashleyolsen guilty pleasure will aid my fashion pedestrian self in pulling the trigger...

ps...Tomboy Style blog is offering a 10% discount code towards any StlyeMint purchase. And, once you join the site, you'll have coupon codes comin' out the wazoo. Also, be sure to "like" them on fb for additional promos...

Kindness of Belle on Heels for walking me to the edge of the StyleMint tee cliff, and Tomboy Style for holding my hand while I jumped. Babe gets the credit for buying me my margarita bravado. Annnd, the blame as I head off to see what else it thinks I need...XXOO


  1. I'm too old for those! You free anytime this week??!! I have a little biz to take care of in your hood.

  2. i can't take those frog-faced midgets seriously. And honestly, who wants style tips from someone who dresses like a hobo bag lady in XXXXL sacks, when they are a size 00?
    To be fair, the shirts are ok, nothing special. I guess we need to see some picture evidence of Hermes elevating the outfit! :-)

  3. lemming here. went with the Prince in Navy, but Magnolia seems like a staple, not a walk on the wild side! Also got the 10% off but using "Tomboy" as promo code.

  4. the original comment would be courtesy of moi, although i'm yet to take the plunge and actually buy one. i'll be awaiting your review...

  5. My current t shirt fave is RL's Blanca crewneck (long sleeve). I bought one recently in a lovely, soft pink, loved it so much I bought one in black and one in white. MKAO's look just fine. Would love to see how you dress yours up with an Hermes.

  6. I'll be anxiously awaiting your feedback! I'm wondering if the t's are soft like I love them.

  7. Too much wine = StyleMint plunge. Off to take the quiz, and decide what I want. P.S. Ordered the C+K boxers and Yachting tee today. Can't wait till they get here! Thanks again for your help. If anything, these shirts from StyleMint will be a lot better than my grungy old sorority t-shirts from college for pjs, from forever ago...