11 October, 2011

Can't Believe We Used To Wear Mom Jeans

Still haven't listed my old, too small for me now, B² alligator belt strap on eBay yet and that's mostly due to the fact that nearly every day I try it on certain that I can make it fit.  I just don't understand. I haven't gotten THAT big.  Then the revelation...

When Emma posted this old pic of her and Hilbils on fb it hit me. It's cuz I used to wear it with shudder Mom jeans that came up to my ribcage...

texting that followed seeing Hilbil's "our pants" comment under pic...

Moi: i am laughing so hard at those mom jeans u n em have on in that pic!

Hilbils: Oh yeah we were quiteeee the fashionistas

Moi: they look like they're on BACKWARDS there's so much room in the front lol!

Hilbils: Hahahahah I know!

Fortunately, we've all come a looong way since the era of the Mom jean. The belt's gettin' listed tomorrow. I don't WANT it to fit!

Kindness of Emma for giving me a good laugh, a revelation and an easy post. I'll leave the bangs teasing untouched since I'm sportin' some unattractive ones myself at the moment. Shoulda left those in the early 90's where they belong too...XXOO


  1. I was recently e-mailed a photo of my little girl wearing a one piece Barbie pajama and we had a good laugh. Funny how at the time we loved that and then in a few years it can provide such sharing of laughter.

  2. Very funny... jeans are an ever-morphing thing, aren't they?

  3. This is funny and photos don't lie!

    I think I shall put a few belts on ebay also.

  4. You are all adorable - then and now!


  5. You know the moment you sell that belt the latest trend will be high jeans!

  6. I know I speak on mnay a deaf ear but... I do not consider those "mom" jeans (and BTW, when did being a "mom" become a pejorative?). They have a zipper. And a button. They are just higher wasted jeans. I find them more attractive on most women than low-rise jeans. Ugh. If I have to see one more person oozing over the top of jeans that hit on the fattiest part of a women's body. Or to see someone's back pockets dripping down the backs of their thighs...

  7. I could never figure out why some of the jeans i would buy just looked like crap on me until we started finding the low rise and voila!! after we out grew the beloved levi's (drats...) gotta check out the SNL skit on Mom Jeans, they are just B A D!! haaaa

  8. I would rather see Mom jeans on the older set, especially if of the corpulent variety than "muffin top" while wearing the more fashionable kind!

    Of course, Allie, you fit neither description.

    Actually, there should be a size limit to low rise jeans. Muffin top is revolting on any age!

  9. I am laughing! Have you ever seen the SNL skit about Mom jeans? You must look on you tube! It is so funny!