06 October, 2011

Ledbury Love

Babe getting dressed for work the other morn in the clothes I had laid out for him...

Babe: Is this a new Ledbury shirt?

Moi: Yup. Got it for you last week

Babe:  I think this might be my favorite Ledbury shirt

Babe: Man, this is a  nice. shirt...You know what it is? It's the cuffs...there's just something about their cuffs

Moi: Well, I love how they moved that second button so you don't have to choose between looking like Vinnie Barbarino and Lloyd Christmas

Moi: I was actually gonna get you last weeks Short Run Shirt too but, they sold out of your size by the time I got on the site

Babe: That's okay Babe. I just got a bunch of new shirts

Moi: Want me to order that shirt you have on now in white?

Babe: (firm, stop bleeding me voice) No. (reverting back to sweet tone) But, thank you. (again with the stop spendinggg tone) I have enough shirts right now

Moi: (thinking) rats, there goes any hope of future purchasing leverage (but, saying) Are you sure? Cuz you could use another white dress shirt

Babe: I'm sure

Moi: (thinking/mumbling) ohhh, you're getting another shirt alright mister

And, it's getting deposited right into my Bank of Hermès Double Tour youoweme savings account...

Kindness of the duo at Ledbury for considering rolling out a women's shirt line tout de suite! I am deees-per-ATE for nice button-downs. Not to mention, the possibility of the whole under the cloak of HIS order guise potential...XXOO


  1. lurv the comment about Lloyd v Vinnie- so so so so true! absolutely going on the short list of stuff to buy for boyfriend/fiance/husband when he rolls around.


  2. Nice shirts! I'm also a big fan of Thomas Pink, and Turnbull & Asser! Saville Row...the way to go!

  3. Thomas Pink has nothing to do with Savile Row - and can hardly be compared to Turnbull...

  4. @ Anonymous...pish tosh old thing!

  5. Well, if you're going to throw out brands, might as well be correct. Shirtmakers, like Thomas Pink and T&A were / are found on Jermyn Street.

    Calling them "Savile Row" is a bit like saying you are "from DC", but actually live in Fairfax. Close, but not quite. Cheers!