04 October, 2011

Maxminimus To The Beefroll Rescue

I've been coveting Maxminimus' navy blue Weejuns for Babe for as long as Max's been torturing us with post pics of his feet...

So, when Babe spied a B² pair of knockoffs in the current catalogue, I elatedly texted Maxminimus with the good news. His response; don't you dare get Mister Doctor Baby those beefrolls!

Then a text came over bright an early Saturday morn, before neither Mister Doctor Baby nor I even had the crusties outta our eyes:

Just found a site for 75th Anniversary navy blue Bass Weejuns. 120 bucks. They will sell out fast. I'll send you the link.

I'm about to hit "complete purchase"

Navy blue. No bulls*** beefroll.

What!!! Send the link immed pls! N do u think they run true to size?

Just did and yes, I think they'll run zackly true-size wise. I ordered my usual ... 8 extry charming.

Well, needless to say, those babies were carted up and en route before I still had a chance to rub the crusties outta my eyes. Although, why I feel compelled to follow a yellow tux wearing podophiliac like the Pied Piper of Piperlime remains a mystery...

Kindness of Maxminimus for his très valuable pre dawn intelligence. And, for always being a good sport, no matter how big the yellow bow tie...XXOO


  1. You two really need to start a variety show. I am still perplexed about beefrolls; there is something I must be missing completely.

  2. i think max is pretty brave for posting incriminating pix like this one and the one with the "porn star" moustache.

  3. I'm still sittin' over here smarting about the butt whipping you gave me in Scrabble. I'm a words guy and let me tell you. Nobody has humbled me to the degree you have. Sure, I've lost to worthy opponents by forty points or so. But NEVER...NEVER have I been so humiliated to the tune of over a hundred damn points. I have two "U" letters left to play and nowhere to put them.

    I demand a face to face game...with the board at a table. NO cocktails...with Mr. Doctor Baby and an official of my choice, lording over the event. Somethin fishy's goin' on here.

    And BTW...I just got an email confirmation that my blue loafs are en route.

    Gotta don my yellow bow-tie and head to the office.

  4. If I was to do navy blue shoe, I'd go with a Del Toro driving moc our fun velvet slipper! Our maybe a Peter Millar horsebit NB moc!

    P.S. ADG does have great taste in men's fashion!

  5. Oh my gosh. I'll pour the gimlets for this Scrabble off! ADG how did I miss this prom pic! Hilarious. Love Babe's new nickname too.

  6. NelleBelle...I wrote a whole story about that lovely yellow prom night. And that ain't no new nickname. He's been "MisterDoctorBaby" for a couple of years now.

    And MegTown...regarding the Porn Star Mustache...it's kinda like what Dizzy Dean said one time. "It ain't braggin' if you done it."

  7. My hubs says thanks! Just ordered him the brown ones, thanks to this post! Have to give back, after ordering the Belgians (which he doesn't know about!) Wink, wink!

  8. I agree! Move over Sonny and Cher! Summer and Max are the new variety show stars! Thanks for always making me chuckle!!! I feel like you should do a skit entitled, "Nobody puts Mr. Doctor Baby in the corner!"

  9. I have the wine colored pair, Excellent choice!

  10. "I demand a face to face game...with the board at a table. NO cocktails...with Mr. Doctor Baby and an official of my choice..."

    Mmmm. I would be verrrrr-rrrry careful in my competitive demands w/ this gal if I were you Max. Have you seen her swim? do the plank? You set up a challenge to her, and she may come back at you demanding additional events, afore you know it you've got a decathlon, pentathlon, whathaveyou. And yes, I will buy a ticket.


  11. Flo...she is whipping my ass so handily at Scrabble that I'm vaporlocked/flumoxed and hive laden. Shut up.

  12. Just got back from a lil visit over to ADG's blog. Can hardly type I'm laughing so hard at those damn blue shoes.