21 October, 2011

Two Birds With One J. Crew Stone

Since I no longer have my li'l sister in my employ for ironing duties, I cringe every time Babe pulls out a button-down to kick around in on the weekends; Ohhh. You're putting on khakis, Belgies AND A SOLID 15 MINUTES OF MY DAY ARE YA?! followed by a martyr sighhh...  

So, riding piggy back on my J. Crew cashmere t-neck order will be a couple men's long sleeve Repp Pique Polos. I'm adding surf blue...

And, welsh purple into his already existing black and navy rotation. Those outta buy me back at least a half an hour per week...

Kindness of everyone for allowing me a few days off at the beginning of next week since we'll be on the road for a wedding and a funeral (with zero hope of even reeemotely looking like either Andie MacDowell or Kristin Scott Thomas). I'm planning on lugging my laptop along in hopes of getting a post up buuut, there's a good chance it'll see about as much daylight as all the workout clothes I'm dragging along will. Nil...XXOO


  1. I don't own an iron - bin it now, just say you lost it, that's what I did.

    See you when you get back.

  2. Men's shirts are very inexpensive to take to be washed and ironed at a good Dry Cleaner. Just sayin'...

  3. I'm too controlling how about how my nice clothes are handled Bisbee. I don't put Babe's nice button downs through the dryer. Plus I like them to smell nice :)

  4. As a lady who irons pillow cases and sheets, I can't imagine life without an iron! My grandmother would come down from heaven and haunt me day and night. I love the shirt choices!

  5. I put a steamer on my christmas list - so lame haha. and recently saw this in the WS catalogue, nothing like ironed sheets :) http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/miele-rotary-iron/?pkey=e%7Ciron%7C54%7Cbest%7C0%7C1%7C24%7C%7C1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Feature_Recipe_Rule-_-

  6. Ah yes, ironed bed linens sap about 90 minutes of my week. In fact, i was up quite late last night ironing ours and, unfortunately only got 5 hours b/t them before 'twas time to hit the road. I am SO putting that Miele contraption on my someday wish list right alongside a Hastens mattress...XXOO

    *you hold your britches Max!

  7. So sad that BD Baggies went all Barney's hipster, they were the last oxfords that looked good out of the dryer.

    Ralph's heavy weights are a close second, but they can trigger my ironing OCD....

    Safe travels.

  8. Very true...if I had the time I probably would iron shirts AND sheets...but since I work full time, it will have to wait until I retire!

    Now I am lucky enough to have a housekeeper to iron...but since she is getting up there, I take the dress shirts to the laundry! Sheets I don't care that much about (as long as they are smooth and cool), and tablecloths (those that need to be ironed) go to the laundry as well.

  9. Has Babe tried the no-iron Brooks button downs? They are like magic!

  10. Darn right! I'm not a complete glutton for menial labor...XXOO

  11. I am not big on ironing but love the feel of air dried fabric. I rarely dry my shirts and tops one dryer.

  12. One word, the snood. I just ordered the emerald green from J.Crew...along with the red quilted vest. Love the idea of the long-sleeve polo for the hubs...may need to ask him if he's interested.
    P.S. Got the C+K yachting tee and the boxers in the mail this am. So glad you told me about the boxers. Now I feel like I need to order more colors and clean out my pajama dresser!

  13. Dear “Summer”:

    Are you aware of the origin of ironing? Have you ever heard the saying, “Iron the bugs out?” Yes, that’s right, LICE. It was a way of killing lice that could not be killed by washing. Of course, it is still done because it looks better to those who are socially insecure. In way you are telling people, “I have killed my lice.” The best quality cotton broadcloth hardy wrinkles anyway. Of course, formal ware should be ironed if needed.

    Why iron an OCBD anyway? Any shirt with a button down collar is a sport shirt, so why bother. Brooks Bros. staff saw polo players wearing button down collars that would not flip up in the breeze in England and brought them back a century ago.

    As for non-iron shirts, I have yet to find one that was not hotter and/or scratchy. Furthermore, I have such a dim view of those who wear them that I will not hire someone wearing a “Plastic” shirt. Yes, I can see the difference between one and a regular ironed shirt.

    Be Green and don’t spin your meter. Drip dry, your clothes will last longer as well.

    I seems a dichotomy that you use summer as a verb, yet you do not have someone to do your ironing.