13 October, 2011


I've become quite thee fixture on the HomeGoods scene. But, so far, no luck with the hunt for my table's mate...

I did, however, score some very swanky bar stools made from reclaimed wood weighing in at about 30 lbs per to exchange for the très uncomfortable flimsy pair of last weeks haul...

While making my HomeGoods New York rounds today, with plenty o' time to think, I decided it was time to let go of my holding on to summer look on the front table...

So, along the way I gathered a few of my favs; mini ghost pumpkins, gourds, Indian/horse corn (that's what I call it and I don't want any lip), and a bundle of bittersweet from Greenwich Orchid (since I'm too new to town to know where to pilfer some)...

And, although not Carolyne Roehm worthy, Lolly and I feel it's definitely Babe and Pilgie worthy...
Good enough to get us through Halloween at least. After that, we'll stick a few pheasant feathers in the mix et voilà, we'll have the Thanksgiving theme in the bag...

Kindness of my li'l helper who will please respect the work we did this evening. Mummy doesn't want to wake up to bittersweet berries strewn about the place like Hansel and Gretel passed through during the night...XXOO


  1. Very seasonal and very nice to see when going upstairs.

  2. omg, your summer bowl of shells must be saying naughty things about you now....traitor, going all autumnal on us. I think you need a giant work of art, a itsy bitsy bikini perhaps to compliment babe's tie.

  3. Absolute PERFECTION.


  4. drooling over the arrangement, might need to spruce up the table in the front foyer of my digs... in addition to doing the post I owe you still of just where the socialite pic ended up ;)



  5. Hi Allie,
    You'll circle and sniff out your foraging territory soon.

    The best spoils of the year are found in end of summer/early fall gardens, the woods and roadside.

    Velvety, deep brown cattails (all-time fave) are in full force here in WI.
    xo Ali

  6. Very pretty!
    I looked at the Pt Washington Homegoods for the mate to your night table, but to no avail. This weekend, I will check the Syosset, LI one.

  7. I love the new stools. They were the first things I noticed in the picture. The base is unique and looks very sturdy.

  8. Your place looks great--making a HG run tomorrow and will email if I find the table you seek.

  9. I looked in two HomeGoods stores near where I live in Florida. My attempts were futile. Even though shipping a nightstand from Florida to CT is not practical it was worth a try. I can empathize with your frustration about not finding what you want.

    Perhaps HomeGoods could do a nationwide search for the nightstand. I do not know if their customer service rises to that level or not. Just a thought.


  10. Merci beaucoup to all my scouts in the field. Y'all are so kind to make these HomeGoods trips for me. If only they had an internal inventory system I could save a bundle in gas...XXOO

  11. I am sure Lolly is the very best helper you could ask for. Your Hansel and Gretel comment reminded me of what my first cat would do to my mother's floral arrangements when no one was home!

  12. Lolly looks as tho she is just waiting for the lights to go out and you'll be stepping on little
    berries in the AM. Love your changing with the season but your shells are so beautiful. I keep mine out all the time and just stick a piece seasonal material in, Your decorating ia beautiful.

  13. LOVE your new entry arranegment for Fall! I scopped my pumpkins up the first day my grocer got them in and I am thinking about going back for more. I need some to "hide" in my plants!

  14. Those kitchen stools are fabulous!

  15. It looks like Autumn is falling beautifully in The House of
    Summer. Love those T-Babes.

  16. Nice framed drawing! Is the Sheraton folding card table?

  17. Not sure about the Sheridan part but yes, 'tis a French folding game table...XXOO