25 July, 2011

Soft Return

Welp, Babe's vacay is over and, sighhh mine's just beginning. Tonight I've traded in 5 full ball hoppers worth of tennis played in 100% humidity for hours obsessively pinning on Pinterest...

Whomever came up with the idea for virtual memo boards is a geeeniousss...

I've remembered small items from long forgotten wish lists...

And, item's from lists Babe wishes were long forgotten...

And, of course, the items he has to look forward to in the queue...

I've reawakened the should I go Gwynnie short again beast...

Annnd kick started the I ate too much junk this weekend guilt machine. Merci beaucoup Pinterest and Elle McP for reminding me of the looming Monday morn Insanity punishment that awaits my naughty self. Til then it's back to pinning in the AC. Sans my tennis skirt...

Kindness of Kristen at Summer in Newport for the tutorial on adding the Pinterest "pin it" to my tool bar. Now all lust items are a mere click away. And, ole RIP Maxminimus for the Benz pic I lifted a few weeks ago. I'll give ya (yeah, YA!) a ride. But, mostly Babe for a great week with our li'l fam. I miss you already Dil. Blinded by sweat in my eyes while tennis balls coming zippin' past me in searing heat, ahhhh not so much...XXOO


  1. I like the idea of Pinterest. Anything to help me remember is a good thing. Speaking of, I have the WS loaf pan (2) and love them, they are as wonderful as the rest of my collection.

  2. I also have been naughty with the eating, drinking and lack of exercise this weekend. Penance in the AM around these parts too. XOXO

  3. I love looking at Pinterest...I did sign up, but haven't taken the time to figure it out yet...they block it at work, which would be an excellent place to read up on it...when I need a break!

    Glad to see you back with your wishlists and suggestions!

  4. looks like fun! I haven't tried it yet but it is only a matter of time I'm sure... and I agree, pure genius.

  5. long time Pinterest lover...now you're got me pinning like crazy and it's not even 8am -- converting all those LISTs! http://pinterest.com/triciagriggs/

  6. I guess I'm going to have to try Pinterest since all the cool kids are doin' it. :) I have the shot of Gwynnie in my permanent hair file - sporting of version of that right now, although a little more Sienna Miller channeling Edie Sedgewick. Glad to hear you enjoyed you time with Babe - enjoy the rest of your summer!

  7. Love your pinned items, tres chic!

  8. Oh my gosh...I was just looking at my hair yesterday and wondering if I could pull off that hair style! I remembered you had written about it too and here it is again!

  9. I was so glad to see you on Pinterest, it really is a great tool, but also serious fun!

    Have a splendid week Miss Allie!

  10. Oh, heart pinterest. And slightly less punny Amazon Wish List toolbar toggle - goes from web to list to....cart.

    We have a near-mint '68 Benz convertible. Quite The Spectacle. Be prepared for every single person [man] you encounter to stop you for a chat and never make eye contact, as they will stare at the car as though they are talking to It.