01 July, 2011

The Jammie Top Hustle

I selfishly wisely waited til I had my own bulk order in and deposited on my doorstep before sharing this time sensitive find. Wipe out the stock on moi once, shame on you; wipe out the stock on moi twice, shame on moi...

I dragged Babe and Amy into every stinkin' Petit Bateau in Paris looking to replenish my fav jammie tops only to find out they had been discontinued. Quelle Horreur!

Well, "Special Lot" either means Petit Bateau wrangled up some long lost stock orrr my Sarah Bernhardt theatrics made their way back to HQ...

As a precautionary measure, I've decided to test drive the Claridge + King Undershirt as my fallback emotional attachment jammie top. This should save Babe a bit of pavement pounding and embarrassment on our next swing through Pareee...

Kindness of Aide-de-Camp Lizzie for sending my initial stock of PB Strap Shirts years ago when she worked at the Boston store. You're one of only two people I can entrust with a fistful of cash and youknowwhatIlike carte blanche. Did I hear a THANK GOD! clear from Greenwich? XXOO


  1. My daughters PB undershirts were passed from one to the other - lasting a solid 6 years without a fray or getting out of shape.
    They insisted on continuing to wear them, even after they were much too small, because they were attached to the softness and feel.
    When they could no longer squeeze into them, they dressed their dolls in them.
    Worth it.

  2. Exactly. Just like my 500 thread count Yves de Lorme sheets that are starting to tear and fray. They're too stinkin' soft to let go off without a fight! XXOO