18 July, 2011

Alas, Defeat...

Only 3 days late, but who's countin'?

After nothin' but blue ribbons, I was finally dealt two bitter Cully Comps defeats...

First in the plank competition and then, the kip up. Video of that very unladylike melt down not fit for public consumption...

I take solace in the fact that I was taken down by my star athlete of a cousin...

DidYouALSOKnow...that Melissa sets up her competitors for failure by plying them with lethal margaritas?

Kindness of Melissa who will heed Uncle David's warning that, true to form, I will be practicing my li'l kip up heart out and by the time I roll into Greenwich I hope to be doing kip ups OVER you or die trying. That, annnd I'm revoking your mixology license. Let's leave the margarita making to the professionals please...XXOO


  1. If it's any consolation, the plank you were doing was more difficult than Melissa's. You can see in the video that her derriere was much higher than yours so she was putting less strain on her abs. Your style was a true plank. If you had planked the way she was, you probably would have won. (Not to imply that anyone was cheating...) ;)

  2. Girl your plank was georgous! The form was dead on and flawless! I agree completely with BethAnn ... you were doing two different planks! I declare you a winner!!! xoxo

  3. I call shenanigans! ;-)

    Your form was MUCH better!


  4. Props to Melissa for duration, but you win on form!

    We hear a lot of "get your butts down!" at boot camp.

  5. No way...you totally won! Once she started wiggling and bending you won.

  6. Fun and games over, ok? Let's get back to conspicuous consumption, pretty please?

  7. And I agree - no contest - you totally won! Besides...wasn't your cousin in high school 13 years ago? I call foul!

  8. OK, obviously there's a partisan audience here, but I'll check with my players, who will certainly call foul if my form was off! I'll point out that my derriere is just much bigger, which makes it look taller. :-) And I will be practicing for a rematch too.....

  9. Annnd I'll be working on my Rubik's Cube :)