12 July, 2011

Queue Up The Summer '12 Spead Sheet!

We had a birthday pool party at my sister Mandy's yesterday and for once my main focus wasn't the cake and ice cream...

It was her Multi Bellie Canforas...

I was like a heat seeking missile and the very minute she slipped those babies off to tend to Caroline...

And, left them momentarily unattended...

My whole size larger foot crammed their way in and declared them theee official inaugural item in the Summer '12 queue. Multi Bellie, meet Excel. Excel, meet next summer's first sin spread sheet entry...

ps...the bells actually jingle jangle when you walk. Lolls and Pilge are gonna have a field day...

Kindness of everyone who has sent an email in the past several days for please extending me a smidge of a grace period with my responses. I can not tell you how appreciative I am to receive such generous feedback. Every girl should be so lucky. Annnd, I always make sure to share them with Babe as gentle reminders as to who the lucky one REALLY is lest those stinkin' spread sheets start to say otherwise...XXOO


  1. Allie,
    I feel suspiciously prone to Stendhal syndrome at the moment.
    Quintessential summer gypsy perfection......xo Ali

    PS: Do they make noise?

  2. Yes! Just went back and added that deet. A très delicate jingle jangle when you walk. Too cool...XXOO

  3. Is your sister wearing Sandy Beach polish on her
    pedicured feet. Cute sandals.
    Does Babe keep seasonal spreadsheets?

  4. So chic. And I love how delicate they look on the foot; so many sandals out there are clunky and overwhelm a light summer outfit.


  5. No, thank God! He's only done it once but, there's always the looming threat. And, I'm waiting to hear back from my sister on the nail color. Good chance she won't have any idea...XXOO

  6. They are very cute, but I am not so sure how the metal chain and Arizona sun would go together. Either way, very cute.


  7. Cute!! Have you looked at Il Sandalo before? I am in love with theirs too! Need to replace my trusty K Jacques that have seen better days...

  8. I want to follow (aka obsess) but you're often late for the very important aka expectant 12:01 a.m. Date!

  9. Love them! But after my monogram Bonanno's, I've reached my sandal budget for this summer!

    Also, Alice, I saw this today and thought of you: Today's "Groupon" is for Tucker Blair! $30 for $70 worth of needlepoint? That's a lot easier than making it yourself ;) (link: http://gr.pn/nMLCTx)

    Have a good one!

  10. These are gorgie! I can't wait to see pictures of you in them next summer. xo xo

  11. Yes, Matters of Style Sarah, I have one pair of Il Sandalos and they are fab. Not quite as splashy as the Canforas but, gorg nonetheless.

    Also, for the person that inquired earlier, I heard back from my sister and she is sporting Sally Hansen's Pretty Petal...XXOO

  12. I wonder if they deliver to Canada?


  13. Dear 'Summer is a Verb', thank you soo much!
    This morning in Capri we loved your post.
    Thanks to all the bloggers who commented!
    We ship sandals worldwide and DELIVERY IS FREE if you buy two pairs by July 20th 2011.
    Love you!

  14. Stunning sandals. I love them
    Great post

  15. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those--everyone needs a little jingle-jangle in their lives!

  16. Oh my gosh....cutest.shoes.ever! Thank you for posting about them A!