07 July, 2011

Chocolate Sauce

I snatched up this homemade chocolate sauce from a NYC/Hamptons radio talk show that I faithfully listened to for years from my beach guard stand. For the life of me, I can't recall the name of the host but, her recipe I'll take with me to the grave...

1 bag good chocolate chips (I use Ghiradelli)
1/2 - whole stick of butter (whole here, natch)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon ground instant coffee
chopped pecans

Melt chocolate chips and butter together over a double-boiler...

Mix in vanilla, coffee and pecans...

Serve over ice cream. Orrrr eat with a spoon straight from the glass jar whenever you're in the vicinity of the kitchen...

*don't judge the sauce by this pic as it was taken the next day when I was too piggy impatient to properly heat it back up.

Store in a glass jar and microwave to soften as needed. Refrigerate? Who knows! Mine never lasts long enough for it to matter...

Kindness of a doesn'tmissatrick Babe who will not call or text questioning my less than ideal eating habits this week when he notices the container of Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip that didn't exist when he left for Greenwich. (hangs head in shame) I missed Tuesday's wagon Babe but, I managed to catch the later one on Wednesday. Brace yourself for a, post indulgence, do I look fat line of questioning surely headed your way this weekend...XXOO


  1. Ha! AT least you still have some ice cream left. I wouldn't have been so wagon-prone, I'm afraid. Now I will want to make this sauce this weekend. Looks wonderful!

  2. No self control right now, it's 11:35 pm central standard (my time) and I'm beelining to my pantry foraging for these ingredients to make a batch, STAT.

    Will be smothering this deliciousness on toast for breakfast (with MORE toasted pecans on top) dipping bananas and strawberries in it for lunch and drizzling the ultimate sundae with it for supper.

    A double batch may in order.

  3. ah, the goldbrick sundae, tres dinner-at-the-club...love it!

  4. Yum...I have a few bars of Swiss chocolate ....this is looking very promising!

    Also... You won my New Zealand Country Living giveaway. Could you send your address to henrqs@yahoo.com


    Jeanne :)

  5. As I am in week one of a "summer svelting" and melting regime - I must shy away from all sinful waspish gastronomy. I think slipping into my vintage RL summer pants in Nantucket red will be worth all the chocolate sauce in the vicinity.

  6. Looks delicious...I'm sure it's so much better than any hot fudge from a jar or bottle. May have to make this over the weekend to impress some out-of-town guests...

  7. Hell...that looks so good I could eat it poured over a bowl of gravel....

  8. Yum!!! How heavenly and delish. I will definitely need to give this a go!


  9. Sorry Jeanne but, there must be anothe rSummer is a Verb lurking out there cuz I didn't enter any giveaways. Would hate to bogart someone elses prize :)

  10. Was it Faith Middleton by any chance? I listen to THe Food Shmooze! Awesome recipes on NPR...

  11. Nope. And, I just googled around and can not find what it was. She was an older lady and she broadcasted from NYC Mon-Thurs and from her Hampton's home on Fridays. She was on around 10am ish I think. An awesome food critic followed her at Noon. now I'mon a mission! XXOO

  12. A.R. You just gave me an incredible idea to impress my date! Merci mille fois