14 July, 2011

Cully Reunion Comps

Listen, that competitive apple didn't fall far from the Cully family tree. Day one of our reunion began with a dive off and yesterday's posted swim race. By night two, Uncle David was spearheading the one armed pull-up and wall sit contests...

Being inclusive, I devised a friendly handicap for my mother's attempt at a pull up. Guess those apples skipped a generation...

Kindness of Emma for whipping out her iPhone cuz she had the foresight to know this was gonna be rich...XXOO


  1. No picture showing today or yesterday! What is different? I checked iPad and PC!

  2. Never mind...saw the videos on the third PC I tried!

  3. Sorry Bisbee, I have no idea why these videos are giving some people a hard time. Babe can't see them on either his PC or iPad from Greenwich either. If anyone can enlighten me as to what the issue is I'd be happy to make whatever adjustment is necessary. Merci! XXOO

  4. A,
    Jon couldn't see the videos on his iPad, but I can on my little Inspiron. I think it's a software issue.

    Loved them....all I saw was happiness and laughter. You are blessed. Your mother looks great!!! Please tell her!

    Warmly, K

  5. OK, I couldn't view the videos on my phone, but could do so on my desktop. Don't know if this helps anyone, but thought I would chime in.

  6. It's like Festivus in July.

    "Now is the time for the feats of strength."

    Was there an "airing of the greivances" period as well?

  7. That video made me an instant fan of your mom! Anyone who can do a pull up is a Superhuman, IMO.