26 July, 2011

Orlebar Brown +

When I read about Orlebar Brown swim trunks in my Hamptons mag last month I eeemmediately earmarked a pair of the Classic Bulldogs as theee perfect anniversary gift for Babe...

But, then cut to a disheartening convo on the beach a few days ago with Dr. Party Pooper...

Babe: I know exactly what I'm getting you for an anniversary present
Moi: Annnd I know exactly what I'm getting you!

Babe: I don't want anything
Moi: GASP! But, I want to get you something
Babe: Your gift to me would be to not buy (sharp intake of breath) me (exhale with relief) anything

Moi: whining But I already had something special picked out for you that I really, really want to get

Babe: Well. You can get me what I want, which is nothing or, you can get me what you want which is really more for you
Moi: defiantly mumbling...I'll opt for the later thankyou

thought but, most definitely not spoken How else am I supposed to piggyback my pair of their Whippet Classic Short Shorts on his order???

Kindness of Babe who will understand that for alllllll of eternity, I will never, ever think, utter, or entertain that phrase, "I don't want anything" in reference to a gift receiving occasion. When God was handing out the ability to string those four words together, I musta had a doctors note excusing my absence...XXOO


  1. How many years of marriage are The Richardsons celebrating?
    Wishing you lots of xxx and ooo!

  2. Very cute...I am easing into the shorts thing ever since my love affair with the LP Walshs this summer! xx

  3. Subtle hints! You two are rather entertaining.