19 July, 2011

Gone Daddy Boot Campin'

We've decided to join Daddy with a mini vacay of our own...

And by vacay, we don't mean this. Pffft! No such luck...

More like Daddy boot camp with bike rides, runs, walks, bike rides alongside his runs, tennis, beach during the day, now a request for beach during the evening, dining out, grilling in, trips to the boardwalk for carni rides and junk food, a road trip to the National Arboretum, any excuse for a drive along the coast, more tennis, annnd new to the queue, a daily plank challenge since he missed out on last week's fun. Maybe it's next week I should be taking off...

Kindness of everyone for wishing me luck. I'm either gonna come outta this week really, really fit or really, really fat. Exhausted's a given. We'll see ya on Monday...XXOO


  1. Um, you are already fit. Fitter? Enjoy your vacay and we'll be waiting to hear if you are fitter or fatter next week!

  2. Good luck this week! Sounds something like our household agenda now that we've moved to the Boston area (from the hot and sticky South). Love your blog...

  3. You are fitter than fit! Do you vastly prefer Insanity to P90X? Which ever it is, 'tis working!

    We'll catch with your fitness escapades when you return. In the interim, have fun with your Babe and Babettes.

    ~Suzi Q.

  4. I prefer it in the sense that it works better, faster and the workouts are shorter. Besides that, it's horrid. Total love/hate...XXOO

  5. Off topic but I love the lion cuts on your kitties. So sweet!


  6. Is this the TI-Babes version of planking?

  7. Have a great vacay...hopefully you are some place cooler than me! These temperatures are brutal! When to you make the move to Greenwich? xx