29 July, 2011

Delusions of Hair Grandeur

Okay, so I could easily stick to my hair growing resolve over the next couple of years if I was guaranteed this end result. But, I saw a dime store version of this exact head o' hair in the Food Lion last night that made my toes curl and forced me to suppress a hiss. Do I too have delusions of long hair grandeur?

Maybe, if I break it down in stages, encouraging outside interventions along the way in case I also start to veer dangerously close to eliciting hisses...

And, maybe Patti Hansen bangs would afford me a mid-growth handicap...

Or, maybe I should cut my losses now and scamper back to the comfort and warmth of my Gwynnie P Sliding Doors safe place...

Better yet...I could refuuuse to cut my hair, kinda like someone fasting in protest, til I receive my VC&A Vintage Alhambra earrings. In mother of pearl and gold just in case anybody should be taking notes...

Kindness of blessed summertime, which affords me most days spent in and out of the ocean and on the beach sportin' a salt encrusted Simba/Capt'n Crunch doo (depending if the wind's outta the North or South), which makes this long vs short debate a temporarily moot point. My hair OCD summer hiatus...XXOO


  1. Growing out your hair is not easy. I am only growing out bangs and have to keep telling myself to keep away from the scissors. Stick with it, you can always cut it again later!

  2. Alice,

    Why not grow it out over the winter and then go to NYC and get the haircut of your dreams and see how you like taking care of it? It will be a different time commitment, but you may enjoy the new look. Either way, you'll still look great!

    Warmly, Kathleen

  3. grow it out and get the brazilian blow out done. Guarantee you'll look like picture number one.

  4. I had short hair for 4 years and last year finally decided to grow it back out and am LOVING it long! We all need a little change every now and then!

  5. I have tried growing out my hair 2x now, and every time I get beyond the shoulders, I chop it off again to chin length. Even in my mid 30s, I personally think on me it looks a little "too too". (Too old, too much) You will look fabulous with whatever haircut... just keep up with the Kerastase regimen and you will be fine! xoxo

  6. There are 3 of us with long blonde hair in this house. It's a constant battle to keep the house from looking like pack of golden retrievers live here. I'm sure your gorj either way.
    And I would want someone to tell me, and was indeed grateful for the gentle correction I was given, from using anomie when I intended ennui... it's a moot point, love, not a mute point.
    Your blog is awesome and brightened many of my days over recent months when I was feeling disaffected, hopeless and oppressed by my anomie/ennui. =)
    Buon weekend!

  7. Woopsie...Shocked my mom didn't catch that. All fixed now, merci. And, pack of goldens LOL! XXOO

  8. If you grow your hair, be sure to use non sulfate shampoo and non silicone conditioner. If you do, your hair will indeed look like #1. Sulfates are what is in laundry detergents, and you need the sulfates to wash out the silicones. Crazy system. Give the method a month and you will LOVE your hair! ~Madeline

  9. I am reposting the NYT article by Dominic Browning about long hair for re-motivating you to stick with it. Love this re-topic, it keeps me motivated as well.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/24/fashion/24Mirror.html?sq=long hair&st=cse&adxnnl=1&scp=1&adxnnlx=1312071467-Ysgt8FomAz3+X9ihMdLupg

    Readers Comments-

    My sister has your exact hair and she keeps it looking neat and professional by pulling it back like Muffy from The Daily Prep and now it is below shoulder length and she loves the manageability.


  10. The author of the NYT article is Dominique Browning! Too many margaritas...

  11. If it's not too late, I say keep growing it out. I had always worn my hair short as I thought it accentuated my cheekbones ... but one day I had a change of heart and yes it was hard but well worth it. I have been so happy with the change - I've been long haired now for four years and can't see myself ever going back now.
    Good luck!

  12. short, short, short! the shorter the better! although my husband says he's going to stage an intervention when I ask for the buzz cut...........

  13. "Moot Court" would make a great TV series.
    The fight for long hair is a moot point here. I love that fresh cut that neatly tucks behind the ears and says Summer all year long.