19 May, 2011

One Petra, Two Petra, Three Petra, Four...Five Petra, Six Petra, Seven Petra, Or...

Yes, I am très fortunate that these are the things I get to lose sleep over; Whiiich Sheridan French Petra Tunic do I want to pair with my white AG Stilts to achieve my Eastern Shore version of tenue de ville for a Memorial Weekend soirée?

The Lavender Ice...

Exotic Lime...

Or the A La Mode? Looks like the sold out Gods may make my decision for me as it appears I am a latecomer to the quite popular Sheridan French party. Note to self: place your order befooore sharing with the good taste masses via post...

I owe BLC at The Company She Keeps a heap of thanks for saving me valuable time by making my Neve Dress decision for me. Now fingers crossed as I plow through the list of Sheridan French retailers to track down a size 6 in Sugared Sunset...

Kindness of Sheridan French for helping my decision making impaired self with Petra color choices yesterday. Annnd flattering me with size XS and S assumptions. Only in my Diet Coke/Insanity dreams Sheridan...XXOO


  1. love these tunics! the 'lavender ice' would be good for memorial day with its reds and blues...let us know what you decide ;-)

  2. That exotic lime left me drooling! That is tasty!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. Love the exotic lime. You'll look terrific whichever you choose!

  4. I have been dreaming of Sheridan French since The Company She Keeps posted about it!!

  5. Exotic Lime... it will be totally fab with your coloring and bright blonde hair!!!

  6. I just got one of Sheridan French's tunics because of the little fabric mishap she had :) I am dying for anything from her in that exotic lime color combo. She told me she will be selling online in the near future. HEAVEN.