16 May, 2011

Friday The 13th Indeed!

Sure was Friday the 13th around here! Badly cut my middle finger on a tin can, sat around twiddling my thumbs (and injured digit) waiting for the mail to deliver the Chloe and Reece dress Kimba overnighted me to borrow for Babe's grandfather's funeral which, of course, didn't arrive til an hour after I left town, annnd blogger shut down losing all of Thursday's post and most of Fridays...

Not sure if I'm up and running again, so we thought we'd keep it short and sweet til we know for sure. Gives us an excuse to crawl into bed early and finally read May's Town & Country with the juicy Stephanie Seymour article. Hope to see you AND my missing posts in the morning...

Kindness of Kimba for killing herself to get me her lovely funeral appropriate dress even though I ended up in my black J. Crew trousers which caused a bad allergic reaction from the dry cleaning fluid. I'm just now emerging from my weekend long Benadryl coma...XXOO


  1. You're welcome. You have and you always would do the same for me. I'm only sorry it didn't get there in time for you to wear it. Eleven days and counting...See you soon.

  2. Glad you're back online. Sorry about your loss.

  3. glad to have you up and running again! i was a little worried this morning that i wouldn't get my daily summer fix...

  4. So sorry to hear about all the misfortunes - great and small. Please give dear Babe sincere condolences on the loss of his grandfather.

    Selfishly, I am very glad to hear that you are OK. You are so disciplined about posting - it's very worrisome when we don't hear from you!

    Rest up and do take care of yourself.


  5. Um, wow! what a horrid weekend. So sorry for you, m'dear. Lo siento


  6. I was wondering if it was a full moon...from Thursday morning until Saturday morning I was in the 8th circle of hell everywhere I went.

    Hopefully Monday the 16th has been much kinder!

  7. Lucky you cuz I wasn't let out til Saturday evening! XXOO

  8. I'm sorry for your loss. The fur babies are looking adorable!xoxo

  9. I recomend some chocolate to go with your t&c. Oh, and some cuddly kitties.

    Seriouslly, I am sorry for the loss in your family.

  10. So sorry for your loss.
    Hope that nasty cut heals well!
    The precious babies look adorable.

    Mrs. Kindergarten