10 May, 2011

Add A Bikini To The Mel O Queue Please!

I've been stockpiling my Melissa Odabash Summer '11 selections for a couple of months now and the Equador in purple, Evita in white annnd cheetah, and Luxor in navy are ready to roll. I pretty much thought I had my Mel O selections cinched up...

Til I read this tweet...

Wait, the Brazil is India Hicks favorite Mel O suit???

Back to the virtual hoarding shopping cart for the Brazil in black 'twas and another Melissa Odabash number has been added to the Summer '11 queue. And, I swear I'm not just saying this cuz it's India's favorite (although that is sooo something I would do) but, it's at the top o' my bikini heap. Flattering, sporty and beyooond comfy. Queue up the white!

Kindness of shopUSA@odabash.com who will, fingers crossed, find me the Brazil in the Imustnowhaveitin white too...XXOO


  1. how bout those gold wonder woman cuffs too?

  2. If you and India Hicks approve of this I think I need one!

  3. You buy such pretty things but don't you ever get tired of shopping? I find it exhausting...

  4. I do find that when I'm involved in competitive athletic pursuits my desire ebbs. And, in summer when I'm more consumed with all things water. That being said, I do feel somewhat of an obligation to keep it full throttle a smidge more since it's what a lot of my readers tune in for. And, I've never quite been one of those I'll just have a bite kinda girls :)

  5. You may sell yourself a bit short. Perhaps your readers might be interested in what you're reading or where you're planning your next trip or some of your other interests? Or maybe not?

  6. Use caution, my dear! I can see some interesting (!!!) tan lines coming from this gem. Alas, if it is good enough for India....!

  7. I agree with Muffy. While that suit is killer, the tan lines would be no fun. There are a couple of suits with that neckline that I want, but I would save them for later in the summer, once I am already tanned pretty well, to mitigate some of the weirdness of that line.

    It would be HOT in white. HOT. You have to track one down.