24 May, 2011

What'chu Talkin' 'Bout Willis Hat Back On

Back to the 'splainin board cuz it's evident from yesterday's comments and emails that quite a few people are scratching their heads at our rental lifestyle...

From our li'l Farmington estate cottage during the Med School years in C'ville, through our G'town weensie but cute condo stint, to our current 70's furnished, vertical blinds and 30 year old stained carpet beach house digs, Babe and I have made a conscious decision to rent...

We are big believers in prioritizing and, throughout our marriage, have seamlessly worked as a team keeping our priorities aligned...

And, while we have dreams of someday owning and having me break the bank decorating something all ours, we understand that if that is what we made our priority in the short term, that is what we would get...

Sooo, when I ran out of my pretty Preppy Cards mailing labels back in December, I didn't place a reorder solely for one reason; if our goal was for Babe to make a career move and land his dream job but, I was planning on living here at the beach long enough to utilize all these labels, my thoughts and actions weren't aligned. Capiche?

Now you know...as we begin our search for yet another estate cottage/carriage house (use of the tennis courts and pool always welcome!) in Greenwich it's cuz we've got Gin Lane bigger fish to fry...

Disclaimer: Sorry for any confusion in yesterday's post but the house pic'd was the Greenwich home and front door of my good friend Dorli whose father said, "whoooo??? NO!" SLAMMMMM!!! when Billy Joel's peeps came a callin'...

Kindness of Babe for not breaking out in a cold sweat as he sneaks a 9pm West Coast time peek at today's post and sees me revealing a trade secret in my 70's, free love, Kelly Killoren Bensimon-ish, uncomfortable for his buttoned-up self way. Love you Babe! Hurry home to me, Pilge and Lolls here at the commune...XXOO


  1. You are waaaaaaaay too nice to compare yourself to Kelly Killoren Bensimon!

  2. We have done the same as you. We are always thinking about a future home purchase, but thusfar in our nearly 2 years of marriage, it hasn't yet become the major priority and I don't suspect it will for at least a few more years. To each her own! :-)

  3. Perfect arrangement - rent in town and own in the country (aka: a water view)

    Easy reading between the lines here and deciphering what bigger fish to fry construes !

    I agree.......it's the future to consider, right?
    After all, you need a fab place to retire and there's nothing better than a water view.

  4. Looking forward to having you as a neighbor!

  5. We ditched the big houses a few years ago and have happily rented a sweet little waterfront place for awhile and will continue to do so more or less forever. Very sensible and liberating!

  6. I look forward to reading about your finds in this area! I think you'll find Greenwich to be a surprisingly friendly town.

  7. Oh, I can't believe you lived in an estate cottage in Farmington! I tried so desperately to find one to rent while the hubs is doing his fellowship at UVA, but no luck :(

  8. I wanted to reply to this earlier, but then saw that you were dealing with horrific kitty drama! I'm so sorry what happened to your cats. If something like that happened to my Marty, I don't know what I'd do!

    To your post - my husband and I have also made a conscious decision to rent. At one time, we were waiting until we were finished with grad school, then we were waiting until babies came along (which they never did...long story), so on and so forth.

    We have the income to buy, but feel it would be such an unintelligent decision. By renting, we are throwing money into our retirement, living in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Denver, shopping, dining, traveling, going to benefits & events - all with the flexibility to immediately adapt should an opportunity arise or (heaven forbid!) our financial situation change. We, too, get lots of raised eyebrows and "advice" from well-intentioned people.

    Thank you for this post; it was most refreshing. (And congrats on your move; hugs to the kitties.)

  9. You're welcome and thank you...XXOO

    ps to Karin...happy to put you in touch with the owner of the cottage we rented in the Farmington if you're still looking.