09 May, 2011

My Mom, Style Icon

Like Piper Weiss, author of the book, and blog, My Mom, The Style Icon, I am sometimes shocked when I run across old photos of my mother looking stylishly glamorous...

Whatever happened to all those lovely pieces and why are they not now hanging in my closet?

L-R my Mother and my Aunt Carol
Do you know what kind of moola Babe I would fork over for a jacket cut just like that? Not to mention, I once paid $500 for a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes identical to that purse. Annnd, we now know the genesis of Hilbil's ham routine...

L-R My Papa, Uncle Stephen, Nana, Aunt Carol and Mother (MIA Uncle David away at Boarding School)
Why, oh why, did you insist on wearing the bottle green corduroy skirt with the mismatched panels that was my ninth grade Home Ec project when you could have been showing up to school dressed like this? I earned a "C" on that skirt for a reason...

L-R My Mother, Papa, Uncle Stephen, Nana and Aunt Carol (that Boarding School apparently strict on leave)
I want to know the whereabouts of that hat, those gloves AND that charm bracelet. Do you see this Kathleen cuz it looks as though Aunt Carol's been pulling the bamboo handled wool over your eyes too. And, is that ahhhh needlepoint purse Nana's carrying? NevermindIdon'tEVENwanttoknow...

L-R My Mother, li'l moi and my Father
Sigh...I'm going to have to go across the Pond in hopes of ever finding a pair of white kidskin gloves trimmed in red. But, donuts to dollars that Home Ec catastrophe's still hanging in the closet...

Kindness of my Mom for knowing I jest. I mourn but, I jest. I may not have the heirlooms but, I thank you for, from all accounts, dressing me so expensively when I was little. Babe, ESPECIALLY thanks you for that. And, as part of your Mother's Day gift, I've submitted your picture to Piper for posting on My Mom The Style Icon blog...XXOO


  1. I wished I had the fur trimmed mattelasse "ensemble" that my Mom wore. Style Icons - love it!

  2. I would love to have my mother's 'going away' suit. 3/4 sleeves with elbow length black leather gloves. And the fab sixties black tie dresses. Sigh.

    We do all have the charm bracelets, and one of my sisters & I wore them to the same party this past Saturday.

  3. Love your Mama's frocks! Love the pocketbooks and corsages also:)

  4. what a beautiful post... thank you for sharing!

    i want all of your mothers clothes, too. beautiful!

    i think you would like this book, aptly titled "my mother's clothes," it's beautiful...


  5. You need to go to the FAB glove store in Burlington Arcade- they have EVERYTHING!!!

  6. What a gorgeous mom you have! And that's too sweet she wore your home-ec skirt!

  7. Your mom is way, way fab.