03 May, 2011

Sip, Shop & Share

The Lilly Pulitzer Ardmore, PA store is hosting Sip, Shop and Share this Wednesday to benefit 10 month old Baby Julia who is fighting brain cancer...

Everyone is welcome to attend and phone in orders are accepted as of right now. If ever there was an excuse to buy Lilly, this is the one. It certainly sent me scrambling back to the Lilly wish list drawing board in a jiffy...

And, I have until the store's opening bell tomorrow to narrow down whether I want another heavily complimented on Easter Whitley Skirt, this time in the Multi Dashing...

Orrr...that print in the would look spiffy with my new white AG Stilts Jonni Shirt?

In my book, shirts barely count as an item since they're only half an outfit, so that's reason enough for me to round it out with the Benicia Top to make it feel more complete...

But, then there's the Cindy...

And, the Adelson both in Hotty Pink It Can Be Arranged tugging at my heart strings...

The UVA Sunrise Orange Jacqueline to feed my C'villian loyalties...

And, the Tate Skirt in Bright Navy Look at me steppin' outta my new whip Lady. Regardless of what I chose, I'll feel like a million bucks in it cuz I'll know it helped a little girl who needed it...

Lilly Pulitzer Ardmore in Suburban Square
25 Coulter Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

Kindness of everyone who can stop by the event or make a purchase, no matter how small, over the phone to help Baby Julia. Purchase or no purchase, all are welcome to stop by Julia's Caring Bridge page to read her story and leave an encouraging comment for her parents and big sister Isabella. And, of course, prayers are invaluable...XXOO


  1. So many darling things. And shopping for a cause makes it a guiltless delight. Possibly even a tax write-off. :)

  2. You are sweet to let us all know about this worthwhile event.

  3. Wish they would have an event in Los Angeles!


  4. Thank you so much for posting this for me, and again, for you nice message on Julia's guestbook on her Caring Bridge Site.

    The event was a major success because of gals like you who called in orders and posted this on their blogs and who asked for prayers for Julia so I could tell her mom how many people are praying for her too.