02 May, 2011

Lolly's And My Wedding Report From Propped Up On Our Shared Pillow

Lolly and I were propped up in bed, Vivien Sheriff fascinators on in spirit, by 5:15 am on Friday and, within 15 minutes, had the bff Kimba conferenced in. When she asked her barely awake hubby Bryan if he planned on watching the Royal Wedding with us, he asked where our support had been the previous night when he stayed up watching the NFL draft...

Lolls and I may as well have stayed up watching the draft cuz we barely slept imagining Kate's nerves and excitement and wondering if she was tossing and turning as well. And, of course we cried at the beauty and pageantry of the entire ceremony...

Although, while everyone else seemed to be comparing Kate to Grace Kelly, Lolly and I were of a different opinion and hummed How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mariaaa the rest of the day...

And, as beautiful as Kate was, we found ourselves obsessing over how skinny smashing Pippa looked...

And, we're officially beginning our Pippa whittled waist Diet today. According to intel from Pink Julep Abroad, Kate and Mrs. Middleton have been on the Duken Diet. We're gonna assume Pippa would have most likely followed suit and dedicate a good portion of the morning to some Duken Diet due diligence...

After that we plan on perusing Vivien Sheriff and Philip Treacy for hats and then work on figuring out where to get Babe some of those nifty brass kick stands for his dress shoes...

Kindness of Emma for forgiving me one missed Insanity workout due to wedding festivities even though she has managed to squeeze hers in alongside exams, travel and celebrating Sally's 21st birthday. I'll make up for it with my Pippa Diet I promise...XXOO


  1. I thought the dress was very Sound of Music-esque myself!
    And Allie, I love whatever glasses you see the world through!

  2. OMG Alice, you and I were on the same wavelength regarding "The Sound of Music" - that's exactly what came to mind when Kate/father started down the aisle and I said it out loud. The reporter that was here to 'cover' my party made my statement as part of the opening lines in the article published. Great minds etc etc

  3. AHHAAA I thought of the Maria song TOO!!!

    Love you bunches.

    And Dukan made my friends hair start to fall out, FYI, put her system into shock.

  4. I thought Pippa looked great in the ceremony dress but a little on the anorexic side in the emerald green reception dress.

  5. omg, I was thinking of the Sound of Music and that exact song. Jinx.

  6. Royal wedding... To much exaggerated. Anyway, like your report... :)