27 August, 2010

The Way To Future In-Laws Hearts Through Their Stomachs...


You've been so helpful when I've had a few questions in the past, so I'm hoping you can help me with this problem of grand proportions! I am setting up my boyfriend's parents with a gift basket for their anniversary and I want to do a delightful little selection of upscale nibbles along with a copy of Midnight Feasts (already ordered). And, they don't necessarily have to all be food items. The problem is that I'm just stumped as to what to put in it! A little help...

Desperately Trying to Appease the Future In-Laws Stomachs,

Well Miss Monograms and Margaritas, one option would be to pull one of the recipes from Midnight Feasts and outfit the basket with the ingredients needed. Otherwise, I've conferred with the bff and we've culled together a list of our fav kitchen must haves. Hope this helps...

This task was enlightening even for moi cuz I had no idea Kimba swore by Fini Balsamic Vinegar...

I did however, get the memo on the Williams-Sonoma 5 Pepper Blend Peppercorns...

I have already placed a Cucina re-order for my fav Fig and Savory Flower kitchen hand soap...

And, dish soap for next week's move back to the beach house...

As well as loaded up on Williams-Sonoma khaki and cream dish towels...

We've been relying on the vanilla my mom smuggles brings across the border for years, but Emma, the fam's self-anointed mistress of cookie making, has decreed that vanilla sub-par. Sooo, Nielsen-Massey it is from now on, Miss Snooty Vanilla connoisseur...

The bff's numero uno pick for your basket...

But, we're both in agreement on Trader Jo's and WS's pop-up sponges. Love em...

Fleur de sel, or flower of the sea, salt is a staple...

And, I guess it's the smidge of Baltimore gal in me that's loyal to Honeycup Mustard. Fabulous in a vinaigrette and found at any Whole Foods...

While you're at Whole Foods getting your mustard be sure to grab a bottle of lavendar oil too. Every kitchen should have a some on hand for burns. Pilgie and his li'l healed mitts can attest to that!

Thank you to Amy Fahrenkopf for my newest obsession, Bengal Spice Herbal Tea...

Hands down the best honey ever is Golden Angel's Raw and Unfiltered Tupelo. I had a local source when I lived in C'ville but, these days I'm not past making Babe drive me 45 minutes to find some when in the city. It's one of the three items he teases me about "choppering in". The other two being my Old Chatham Maple Sheep's yogurt and FEED granola...

Hot chocolate season is on the horizon and I'll need to start stocking up on MarieBelle's Dark and Aztec flavors soon. Where's that chopper when I need it?

Kindness of the bff Kimba for once again helping me to cobble together a post. When your up to your eyeballs in moving chores it pays to have friends with fabulous taste and culinary wits...XXOO


  1. I think making a meal for your future in-laws is also a lovely way to show them you care! I think the basket idea is lovely too. I have done buckets with items and a "bucket list" of things we need to do together!

    Fresh Sunflowers

    People always love it and it can be done for less than $35 - 50. Bucket is from the hardware shop, perfect for gardening or kindling in the winter.
    Or a colorful Summer sand pail works too.

  2. I love this list, so many of them are staples in my kitchen too. I'm intrigued to try your honey suggestion because after trying the Tupelo from Savannah Bee Company I've been a convert for good quality honey products.Thanks for the suggestion!!

  3. I would include some saffron from Penzey's: http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/p-penzeyssaffron.html

    The Maine Maple Champagne Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen is delicious: http://www.stonewallkitchen.com/prdsell.aspx?L0=SpecialtyFoods&L1=Mustards&L2=MaineMapleChampagneMustard
    Actually, anything from Stonewall Kitchen is delicious

    Maple syrup is a must for any basket: http://maplegrove.stores.yahoo.net/100purgradda.html

    A zester/grater is a fun addition to any basket: http://www.surlatable.com/product/622035.do

    Sur La Table has a broad selection of kitchen & bar tools: http://www.surlatable.com/category/kitchen+%26+bar+tools/cooks+tools.do

    Secret Stash has the best salts. Try the Truffle or Lavender Rosemary: http://www.secretsalts.com/

    Hope these recommendations are helpful.

  4. Nice ensemble. Love every item. Wish it was arriving here!

  5. Lots of great items I have in my own pantry!

    And I am sure these companies love the free advertising!

  6. Great idea and great choices! And your future in-laws don't have to worry about that embarrasing what-the-heck-do-we-do-with-this-lovely-pink-flamingo-lawn-ornament-Paige-gave-us issue.

  7. They are so hard to shop for, but they just love to cook...I knew you could help! We all spend so many hours in the kitchen together, it excites me to contribute some stables! I've got my shopping list made and I'm prepared for the hunt! Merci beaucoup!



  8. If you want to wow them, find their silver pattern and give them a butter knife with pesto, cheese and bread for hors d'oeuvres. Big punch for $29 bucks! http://www.beverlybremer.com/product.php?pr=2188&t=2&p=&sb=&pc=FRANCI_REEDBA

  9. I love when you do list like this, my credit card is burning up!

  10. Wonderful ideas and great items. Many are in my kitchen. Guess I'd better try the others!

  11. Cucina has been a fave of mine forever. Thanks for the link, the store near me that used to carry it closed. Thank you thank you thank you. You always have the best links!!!

  12. What a wonderful list! So many items I have in my own kitchen... I will have to print this out to refer to for hostess gifts.

  13. Ooohhhh - looove everything on here and can't wait to try many of them!! Great list indeed! And love some of the comment suggestions here, too! - And Patsy's was Ha-sterical!