18 August, 2010

One Last Summer Death Rattle

My summer at the beach is ending a couple of weeks early. The tears have been shed...the tantrums thrown...and finally, sigh, my fate accepted. One last death rattle before I am stuffed into the car and forced inland...

If I'm going to spend my last days of summer at a condo pool then I deserve to do it in style...

One more Melissa Odabash for the road please...

I mean seriously, I just broke the seal on my Glacier Creme sunscreen mere days ago. I guess there's always that beastly Mexican sun to block in the coming months...

Yup. Time to shake the sand outta my current read and pack it back up in my beach pool bag...

Kindness of any friend's I have in the city whose parent's may or may not have a nice, private pool in McLean. Ohhh Amyyyy...XXOO


  1. Whaaaa? What happened? How come?
    I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.....gawd these books are addictive! I dont know what I am going to do when I finish them!

  2. Fab bikini...very you...are you moving back to DC?

  3. ~sigh~ all good things must come to an end...........although you seem to be able to make the best of it ;-)

  4. Whaaaat? Have you been summoned to the DC area to join the Real Housewives DC? ;-)

    Those black things on the bikini sorta look like Chanel "C's"....(perfect)...

    Is that a good book?

  5. Love that bikini!!! Oh to be able to wear one again!!!

    The way you are making the best of being dragged back inland... is awesome!!! Here's to sitting pool side looking fabulous!!!..HHL

  6. Gorgeous bikini! I love white swimwear.

  7. Va-va-va-voom suit for serious. AllieVonAwesomeness, I would die if you and Lele were on the RHDC. You would out style the entire crew. Gag, that show is so not the real DC. Sad. Maybe I'll run into you at Marvelous for a coffee one of these days even though I'm still in B'more. Is Marvelous even there still? xoxo

  8. I am just not prepared for longer days or cooler nights or less sand. Grrr. Why must summer leave us!? Xoxo-BLC

  9. Oh no! I get my DE beach fix from you. :-) Were you at least able to debut your new towel before you left? Are you moving back to the city?